3 tips to increase mobile phone reception

3 Tips to Increase Mobile Phone Reception

In this modern world that we currently live in, we rely so much on technology on a daily basis, especially our phones. It’s how we stay connected with people. We use it for work and personal reasons. And there’s literally an app for every facet of life today. So when you have poor reception, your daily tasks and activities can be severely affected. To prevent this problem, here are three tips to increase mobile phone reception.

Find the Best Reception Spot

All of us can probably relate to this problem: there are certain areas around the house that are black holes for mobile reception. Maybe it’s the northwest corner of your room, or the ground floor bathroom, or that spot midway up the stairs.

No matter what you do, you just don’t get reception in these areas! It’s like you enter an invisible bubble where the mobile reception goes to die. On the other hand, there are certain spots in the house where mobile reception is aplenty.

The easiest way to boost your reception is to find these spots in your home and hang out there for a while when you’re doing something important on your phone. Usually, you can find them on higher ground (a higher floor if you don’t live in a single-floor apartment or home) and by the windows.

Use Wi-Fi when Available

Even when you find the best mobile phone reception spots in your house, sometimes the signal just isn’t cutting it. Or perhaps you get the best reception when you’re standing on your tiptoes in an awkward corner of your home, and who can actually stay in that position for hours?

So if the 3G refuses to turn to 4G, use your Wi-Fi. The good news is there are messaging apps that uses your Wi-Fi connection to send messages to your friends instead of your mobile phone reception.

If you’re using Apple products, its FaceTime and Messages apps are accessible via Wi-Fi. Even when you don’t have a signal, you can still stay connected with your workmates, friends, and family.

 Boost Your Mobile Phone Reception

 The last and perhaps the best way to increase your mobile phone reception is to use signal boosters. Signal boosters ensure that you have consistent reception throughout your home, no matter which room you are in, whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down.

There are a lot of signal booster packages available in the market today and at varying price points. Aside from boosting your signal, they also help receive and expand signals from cell towers. Depending on your needs and willingness to spend, you can choose a mobile signal booster that best fits you.

To recap, you can increase mobile phone reception by finding the best reception spots in your home, using Wi-Fi when available, and using signal boosters.

These three tips have been tried and tested to help you solve your mobile phone reception woes. So when you’re having problems with your signal, test them out for yourself and see what happens.

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