5 ways to improve your mobile phone signal

5 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Phone Signal

In this day and age, you’d think you’d be able to get a good mobile phone signal wherever you are. In many homes though, signal is still poor and it makes using your phone frustrating. Since you do so much on your phone, you really need a way to boost your signal. Here are five ways you can improve yours and get the service you’re paying for.

Change Your Phone Case

Did you know that your phone case may be stopping the signal to your phone? Only a few years ago, phone aerials were external, so they were never impeded from working. These days though, they’re an internal feature and so you don’t see them. If you have a metal phone case, it’ll stop the phone from working. Even if it’s another material, it could be the cause of your issues. Take the case off and see if there’s any improvement before you troubleshoot further.

Buy a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

This is such a common problem that there have been devices created to boost the signal in your home. Some mobile phone service providers will give or sell you a booster if you ask them. It’s worth calling them up and asking if that’s something they do. Even if they don’t, you have options. Companies like Mobile Booster can help you with using mobile phone booster for faster speeds. Start shopping around and see what you can find.

Change Your Mobile Service Provider

In many cases, the culprit for your poor signal is the provider you’re using. Each company has different coverage rates, and you may be in a weak spot for your provider. It’s quite simple to go online and see what coverage is like in your area. If the coverage isn’t good, then it’s time to switch to another company. The bright side here is that you’ll be able to take advantage of new customer offers, and maybe even knock some money off your phone bill.

Try Using WiFi Calling

If the internet signal is good but your phone signal is poor, WiFi calling is an option. This is where you use your internet signal to make calls rather than your phone network. Again, you may want to check with your provider to see if that’s something you can do. Even if you can’t, there are other ways you can make calls online. Services like Skype and Whatsapp allow you to make voice and video calls over your WiFi, so give them a go.

Conserve Phone Power

Your phone needs to use power in order to find a signal. If your battery is low, then it’s not going to be able to find one. Reducing the strain on your battery should help. Use battery saver mode when possible, lower your screen brightness, and close any unused apps when you’re not using them.


These five tips should help you get a better signal on your phone when you need it. Put them to the test and you’ll see you’ll get a much better signal on your phone.

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