8 useful tips to boost cell phone signal strength

8 Useful Tips to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength

Everyone wants to have the most from their gadgets. The same goes true for cell phones as they are the most used device in the modern age. Quality of your mobile communication and mobile internet speed largely depends on the cell phone signal strength. But, as we all know that cell phone signal strength is not always strong enough to make or receive your calls uninterrupted. And to make that communication uninterrupted you need to boost cell phone signal strength. If you are thinking that it requires you to spend a lot of money then the good news is you don’t. To solve your cell phone signal problems you just need to follow some useful tips to boost cell phone signal strength and then you can enjoy your communication uninterrupted.

Here are 8 effective and useful tips to boost cell phone signal strength that will help you make the best use of your mobile phone in terms of communication and browsing mobile internet.

Make Sure that Your Phone is Not Damaged

If the internal antenna of your phone is damaged that can happen if your phone drops somewhere, it may affect the quality of the cell signal that you receive. You can check for the physical damage of the internal antenna by checking for any cracks or dents on the corners of your phone. For any hardware damages, you can schedule an appointment with your carrier of phone manufacturer for a diagnostic test that can tell you about any damages to your phone’s hardware. If there is any hardware damage you can get it repaired or replaced and enjoy the best signal strength.

Keep Your Mobile Software Updated

Outdated or old versions of the software on the phone might result in poor signal reception. Always try to keep your phone’s software updated to the latest version to ensure it receives the best signal.

Consider Using WiFi Calling

If your phone supports WiFi Calling and you are in a bad signal area you can use WiFi calling for your voice calls. This way you can have an uninterrupted voice calls to your contacts. This would not directly boost cell phone signal strength but would really help you make your calls with drops.

Switch to 3G Network

When you see that your phone is showing a single bar on your phone it means many things. It may be due to the high load on the cellular tower which is handling many users simultaneously. Also, it may be because of the very poor signal quality or distance from the tower. In such a situation if you switch your phone back to 3G network by disabling LTE you may get a better signal strength because of the lesser congestion and load on the 3G network. With improved signal, you can make your voice calls uninterrupted and also use the 3G signals for internet browsing.

Upgrade Your Device

If your mobile phone is old and only supports 3G and not the 4G LTE, then you should consider upgrading your phone and buy a new phone which supports 4G LTE. The older phones might not be able to receive the LTE signals so if you have one consider buying a new phone which supports 4G LTE. A new phone would help you get the improved signal strength.

Check if You Need a MicroCell

In areas where cellular signal is not available because of the distance from the cellular tower and you have a high-speed broadband internet connection, you may consider using a microcell. Ask your cellular service provider to provide you a microcell that you can connect with your broadband. The microcell connected to your broadband sends all of the voice calls over the internet instead of the cellular network. This way you can make and receive your voice calls over the internet and enjoy uninterrupted calls.

Change Your Cellular Provider

Ask around and see if other cellular services in your area have good connectivity. If so you may consider changing your cellular service provider and switch to a network that has better signal strength in your area. This will certainly help you boost cell phone signal strength and enjoy good quality voice calls and browse high-speed mobile internet.

Buy a Cell Phone Signal Booster

cell phone booster will take a weak outside cell signal, bring it inside the home or office you’re in, amplify it, and then broadcast the boosted signal to the area that needs it most. Our cell phone signal boosters are CE Certified and Ofcom allows their use for all of the major cell carriers in the UK. Cell phone signal boosters are the best solution to improve weak cell signals or overcome obstructions that prevent the signal from reaching your cell phone. With millions of cell phone signal boosters used throughout the United Kingdom every day, it is evident that they’re one of the best options for solving cell signal problems.

I hope that one of these tips to boost cell phone signal strength will help you boost cell phone signal strength for you. If you have any questions or need help in buying the right cell phone signal booster for yourself please feel free to contact us.

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