best mobile signal boosters in 2021 for the uk

Best Mobile Signal Boosters in 2021 for the UK

Before we discuss the best mobile signal boosters in 2021 for the UK, let’s see a little background of the evolution of mobile technology in the UK. The technical advancements have strengthened the networks of the 21st century. Vodafone’s founder’s son, Michael Harrison, made the first call on the first generation of the network 1985. At present, the UK has four network leaders, including O2, EE, Three (3), and Vodafone. These networks provide 2G, 3G, and 4G services in various parts of the UK. Every operator offers a different frequency range for the 2G, 3G, or 4G networks.

Even on the best networks, you may face signal issues at your home/office. These network problems occur mostly because of massive traffic on your cell tower. As a solution to the network congestion and eliminate other odds that hamper your network connectivity we offer a range of quality mobile signal boosters to help you solve the network issues. We offer premium products that 100% guarantee five bars stronger signal. But, buying a mobile signal booster is not something you should be embarking on without really knowing a few important things beforehand. Here is the ultimate guide to the best Mobile Signal Boosters 2021 for the UK. 

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

A mobile booster is a device made up of three major components – the inside antenna, Amplifier, and the outside antenna. The outside antenna catches the weak signals in the network around your home, office, or hotel. The Amplifier boosts these weak signals. The inside antenna performs the ultimate job. It releases the enhanced signals inside your house or office. Combined, these components provide a robust cellular reception consistently. 

There are a few more components to the cell booster, like a Lightning Surge Protector, Splitter, and Tap. These components can be used in different scenarios to make the use of the signal boosters more effective. There are various types of signal booster available in the market. You will find cheap ones and quality ones. To make an informed decision, we have listed the best products for every network. You can directly purchase from the listed products to avoid the research hassle and any problems from buying a cheap signal booster.

Best Mobile Signal Boosters in 2021 for the UK

Based on our experience and customer demands we have listed down some of the best mobile signal boosters in 2021 for UK customers.

Pro Boost Dual 3G Signal Booster 

The latest Pro boost 3G Signal Booster is a must for every home and studio network. It provides you with the best 3G network for O2, Three and Vodafone. It covers an area of 1000 square kilometers, with a frequency range of 900MHz – 2100MHz. The signal booster comes with an installation guide, which will help you install the booster in less than 10 minutes. The product will help you enhance call quality and provide a faster internet speed. This is the best product if you need to improve your 3G signal reception.

Home Elite Triband Universal Signal Booster

The most in-demand product in the Home Elite booster series is the Home Elite Triband Universal Signal Booster. It works best for 3G networks of Vodafone, O2, ID, EE, and Three. It covers a frequency range of 900MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz, suitable for homes and smaller offices/studios. Reaching a coverage of 300 sqm, it will amplify weak signals and provide you with a better network. 

Universal 4G Signal Booster 

The Universal Signal booster works for enhancing the 4G network for an area of 300 square meters. It will be useful for a frequency range of 800 MHz for all network operators. And you must know that all the mobile service providers in the UK use 800 MHz frequency bands to offer their 4G services. The Universal 4G signal booster catches the weak 4G signals in your network area through the exterior antenna. The amplifier boosts these signals and releases powerful signals in the network through an interior antenna. The product is RTTE CE certified to ensure you get a signal booster that is legal to use in the UK. 

Home Elite Quad Universal Signal Booster

The Home Elite Quad Universal Signal Booster covers an area of 300 sqm, with the following frequencies – 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz, This booster works for all networks and covers all frequencies being used in the UK. So, this booster will help you enhance your 2G, 3G, and 4G signals for all the cellular networks in the UK. It will help you receive the best data network and internet connectivity at all times. With a CE certified mobile booster, you can stop worrying about poor connectivity or network issues. 

Home Pro Triband Universal Signal Booster

Covering an area of 500 square meters, the Home Pro Triband Universal Signal booster works perfectly for boosting the 3G networks. It is suitable for Vodafone, O2, EE, T-Mobile, and Three. It supports a frequency range of 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz. This cell booster will let you enjoy five bars of signal strength and reliable network connectivity. You will get a simple guide that will help you complete the installation process within 15 minutes. Enjoy amplified and boosted 3G signals with the all-new Home Pro Triband Universal Signal Booster. 

Power Max Mobile Signal Booster

The Power Max Mobile Signal Booster is one of the best products available in the UK market. It works for a frequency of 900 MHz, covering an area of 5000 square meters. This will boost the voice signals for Vodafone and O2. It doesn’t work for enhancing the 3G, 4G data signals. This is an ideal booster for large establishments like hotels, hotels, airports, farms, warehouses, stadiums, etc., The booster will contain a 10m (select for options) Low Cross cable and a one year extended warranty. Select for booster upgrades like the Power Surge Protector. The booster will be ideal for homes, offices, and studios. It supports around 250 users simultaneously. 

Power Max Quad Universal Signal Booster

Covering frequency ranges of 800MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2100 MHz, the Power Max Quad Universal Signal Booster is an ultimate solution for all your network problems. It works for all networks in the UK. Also, it covers all the frequencies and helps boost 2G, 3G, and 4G signals. This mobile signal booster is suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, farms, and airports. It extends to an area of 5000 square meters connecting around 250 users simultaneously. 

Why do you need 3G Mobile Signal Boosters?

3G stands for the third generation of the network. We have advanced to the 4G network now, but a massive chunk of the population still depends on the 3G network for fulfilling their data requirements. How do we help that chunk? If you are using a 3G network, you need a 3G cell Booster to help you resolve the signal issues. You can consider buying from the following cell phone signal boosters for a better 3G network connectivity – Power Max 3G Signal Booster, Pro Boost 3G Signal Booster, Home Pro Dual 3G Signal Booster, Home Elite Dual 3G Signal Booster, and Home Elite 3G Signal Booster.

We design every booster for a specific purpose. Some cell boosters will work to enhance the network signals or voice signals. If you experience poor network, weak signals, or call dropping regularly, you need to invest in a quality booster. A weak network consumes more battery from your phone. Getting a booster will also help you enhance your phone’s battery life. 

Why do you need a 4G Mobile Signal Booster?

People living in most parts of the UK depend on the fourth generation of networks. 4G is better, faster, and effective than the previous generations. It has a lower latency of up to 60 milliseconds. It solves issues like video buffering, web pages not loading, voice breaking, or low-resolution audio/video. Even with such an updated network, there are network issues like weak signals or poor connectivity. These issues arise because of an increase in traffic on the nearby cell tower. If you face network issues regularly, you need a permanent solution.

With a certified 4G cell booster, you can enjoy all the 4G features at the best speed. You won’t face issues like call dropping, voice breaking, stutter videos, slow download/upload speed, and much more. We can recommend a few quality 4G signal boosters for various network operators – Vodafone 4G Signal booster, O2 4G Signal Booster, Three 4G Signal Booster, EE 4G Signal Booster, Dual Band 4G Signal Booster, and Universal 4G Signal Booster


We offer a premium range of quality mobile signal boosters for all your needs. We have created a guide for the best mobile signal boosters in 2021 for the UK. To make an informed decision, check all the requirements beforehand, including frequency, coverage, bandwidth, suitable for home/office/malls, network operator and 2G,3G, or 4G services. 

There is an instruction manual included, which will help you set up the booster in less than 15 minutes. Our products have a 30-day guarantee as a return/refund policy if it does not satisfy you. Go back to our guide for more details and get your favorite signal booster now!

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