easy steps to get better network reception

Easy Steps to Get Better Network Reception

Even though reports have it that more than 90% of the entire population of the world has cell coverage, it’s still very alarming that there can be bad network reception in many places including densely populated urban areas. Communication is a very important part of the human experience and cell phones improve lives and help communication. It can get a bit more annoying if the reception starts to falter when you need it the most. It would seem like even though there are a million and one network towers built every day, the networks will probably never be able to guarantee its users that they will get near-perfect reception or service.

If you’ve suffered through network downtimes especially at critical times, here are a few things to do to help you get better reception next time.

Try to Find the Source of the Problem

If the problem with your network service is something you can figure out yourself, you’d be able to take precise steps to tackle the problem. Try to narrow it down. Your phone may have gone bad. It may also be that there are certain things in your home that cause interference. Sometimes, the walls in our homes are made out of materials that may interfere with smooth phone service.

Check Battery Level

Sometimes, the reason why you’re having issues with reception is your battery level. When your battery is low, a call might come in or even go out but the phone would not have enough power to properly search for a good signal. When this is the case, the quality of the call would be exceptionally poor.

Find a Better Spot

Some parts of a building usually have better reception than others. If you’re having issues with reception, a quick fix might be to simply leave where you are and find somewhere better to move to. Try to find more reliable spots around your house and as much as possible, try to make calls from there.

Use a Signal Booster

One very easy way to solve all problems with network reception is to install a mobile phone signal booster in your building. A booster works by receiving network from the nearest cell tower and then strengthening the signals multiple times so that even if you’re in an area with bad cell coverage, it wouldn’t bother you at all. There are also signal boosters that will amplify even 4G signals. A sure-fire way of improving your network is to install a 4g signal booster.

Reboot your Device

Many problems – including poor network reception – can be solved by a simple reboot. Rebooting your device is a way of performing a signal refresh to try to create a much stronger and durable signal. There are cases where your device is constantly on the lookout for the closest or the most responsive tower. If it can’t lock on one, your signal wavers. Restarting your device will help it fix this problem very easily.


Poor reception is not something to really worry about if you know what to do. So, the next time you’re having problems establishing a connection, regardless of the kind of connection, try any of these suggestions and you’d most likely be fine.

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