Transform Your Connectivity with Our Powerful Signal Boosters

Introducing our comprehensive range of 800/1800/2100 MHz Mobile Signal Boosters, meticulously designed to enhance mobile signal strength and coverage for all major networks in the United Kingdom, including O2, EE, Three, Vodafone, and others. Whether you need coverage for a small room or a large commercial space, our boosters come in various ranges to suit your needs: 300 SQM, 500 SQM, 1000 SQM, and 5000 SQM. Experience seamless 3G & 4G connectivity with our CE and RoHS certified signal boosters.

Key Features

Versatile Coverage Options

  • 300 SQM Range: Ideal for small homes, apartments, and individual rooms. Eliminate dead zones and ensure strong, reliable signal throughout your space.
  • 500 SQM Range: Perfect for larger homes or small offices. Enhance connectivity across multiple rooms.
  • 1000 SQM Range: Suitable for large homes, entire floors, or medium-sized offices. Maintain consistent signal strength throughout.
  • 5000 SQM Range: Designed for expansive properties, large commercial buildings, or hotels. Ensure robust coverage across vast areas.

Multi-Band Support

  • 800/1800/2100 MHz Frequency Bands: Boosts both 3G and 4G signals, ensuring compatibility with O2, EE, Three, Vodafone, and other UK mobile networks. Enjoy enhanced voice and data services for optimal performance.

High User Capacity

  • 300 SQM Booster: Supports up to 6 users simultaneously.
  • 500 SQM Booster: Supports up to 10 users simultaneously.
  • 1000 SQM Booster: Supports up to 25 users simultaneously.
  • 5000 SQM Booster: Supports up to 250 users simultaneously.

Easy Installation

  • Plug-and-Play Setup: Simple installation process with a comprehensive guide and all necessary components included. No technical expertise required, making setup straightforward and quick.

Advanced Features

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Automatically adjusts signal strength for optimal performance, preventing interference and maintaining consistent coverage.
  • LED Indicators: Clear LED indicators for power, signal strength, and operational status, allowing easy monitoring of the booster’s performance.

Durable and Safe Design

  • CE and RoHS Certified: Complies with European health, safety, and environmental standards, ensuring a safe and reliable product.
  • Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and durability.

Warranty and Support

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund.
  • 2-Year Warranty: Our signal boosters come with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Dedicated support team available to assist with any questions or technical issues, ensuring you get the most out of your signal booster.

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping on all orders, ensuring you receive your signal booster quickly and without any additional cost.

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Upgrade your mobile signal experience with our versatile range of 800/1800/2100 MHz Signal Boosters. Designed for various space sizes and user capacities, these boosters ensure reliable and robust connectivity for all major UK mobile networks. Order now and enjoy seamless connectivity with our 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping. Stay connected with our powerful signal boosters!