how to improve your mobile phone reception

How to Improve Your Mobile Phone Reception

There has been a lot of complaints regarding cell service recently as opposed to the past. Proper mobile phone reception is becoming a frequent problem users encounter on day to day basis.

Many people are complaining of calls dropping before and during calls, users not being able to hear the other person, and undelivered emails and SMS. These are just some of the problems facing audio and text signals. They are also complaining of poor internet connection with pages constantly loading without ever getting a connection.

The problem is very clear: the number of people joining the networks is more than the current infrastructure can handle. Everyone has a smartphone today with others having multiple devices connected to the same network. This causes a strain on the network leading to poor connection. But there are ways which can help improve your mobile phone reception.

Consider using Wi-Fi for Internet Connection

There are multiple internet service providers offering this option as opposed to relying on the internet from mobile service providers. A private network has fewer people; therefore the bandwidth remains steady throughout. With the right security measures, it is safer than public networks.

Inspect the Phone Thoroughly

Sometimes the problem lies with the phone itself. Make sure the phone’s software is up to date. This applies to both IOS and Android software. Keep unused devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and roaming services turned off. These may be taking up bandwidth that one is trying to use for other important services.

Sometimes one may be in a 3G area, but their settings allow the phone to connect to a 4G signal. This will obviously mean the phone will not detect any signal. Check the network settings on the phone and select automatic detection. If automatic detection fails, one can choose network operators manually in the settings. Sometimes, all it takes is turning the airplane mode on and off to detect a signal.

Consider Physical Obstruction of Signal

Many signals work best when the device is in a direct line of sight of a cell tower. Objects such as buildings, mountains, trees, and so on make it harder for signals to pass through.

If one is unable to get a signal, they may want to consider moving to a top floor, higher ground, or outside where there is little to no obstruction. One may also want to relocate to an area near a cell tower.

Try to avoid building materials like metal, brick or stone during construction as they may be an obstacle. Also, changing the way one holds the phone when making a call can ensure the antenna is not obstructed.

Change Mobile Providers

Some mobile providers have more infrastructure to cater to the increased traffic compared to others. Choose one that has better coverage by looking through their coverage maps to see if the locality is in the coverage area. Talk to neighbors to determine who the majority of them use.


They use almost similar technology as Wi-Fi Calling. They use an already available broadband internet connection and convert it into a cell phone signal, making a small cell tower. Femtocell is proven to be reputable mobile providers but is very expensive, ranging between $100-$300.

The final solution may be using signal boosters that are affordable and supported by the majority of mobile providers. Look through the internet and find a Triband Signal booster that helps you improve your mobile phone reception.

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