how to install mobile signal booster on your own

How to Install Mobile Signal Booster on Your Own

Today we use our mobile phones in less appropriate places for mobile communication like subways and elevators. Still, the power of mobile providers is not limitless. People living in rural areas and remote regions, shops and establishments located in basements still suffer from weak signal or even no signal at all. In such situations, if you install a Mobile  Signal Booster, it would be of great help.

To install a Mobile Signal Booster is a quick and very easy task. Though, dealing with technical devices always requires some assistance from the experts. But, in the case of Mobile Phone Signal Booster installation, you don’t need any assistance. You can successfully install them yourself.

The first thing you should do in the process while you install a mobile signal booster is to read the installation manual carefully.  Bring your toolbox having the drill, pliers, screwdriver, etc. Check all the below-listed items in your mobile signal booster kit delivered to you.

  • 1. External Antenna
  • 2. Indoor Omni antenna
  • 3. Amplifier also called Mobile Signal Repeater
  • 4. Outdoor coaxial cable (10m or 15m)
  • 5. Power supply (power adapter)

If you got everything in place it’s time for the next step and you can start to install a mobile signal booster.

Installation Steps

  1. Find an appropriate position for the outdoor antenna of your mobile phone signal booster.

Please keep in mind that the:

  1. Outdoor antenna should be installed on the roof of the house or in some other place where it receives the mobile signal from the nearest tower.
  2. The outdoor antenna should be fixed in straight so that it can receive the proper signals from the mobile tower.
  3. Once you have placed your outdoor antenna attach the cable with it.
  4. The other edge of the cable goes into the amplifier.
  5. Place the internal antenna where you want to use your phone most of the time.
  6. Now attach another cable to the internal antenna and attach the other part of the cable to the amplifier.
  7. Plugin the AC/DC power supply into the electrical socket near the amplifier.

If the light indicator on the booster turns on it means the installation is successful.

Note: Switch on the repeater only after you connect outdoor and indoor antennas in the proper way!

Important things to Note to Install Mobile Signal Booster

Though there is some mandate in terms of distance and safety, which are as follows:

  • the indoor antenna should be at a 5-meter distance from an outdoor antenna
  • the indoor antenna should be at least 2 meters above the ground
  • indoor antenna should be fixed vertically with the ground.

 If you follow the above you will get the best result from your mobile phone signal booster. Also, you should keep in mind that some models of the mobile phone signal booster have an inbuilt Power Supply. Please, examine the manual applied with your mobile signal booster. If your mobile phone signal booster kit doesn’t include separate Power Supply, you don’t need to worry. The antenna has a built-in power supply.

A five bar signal should be indicated on the display of your phone in each corner of the location within the booster coverage area. In case the mobile signal is still unstable or not fully satisfactory try to change the position of the outdoor antenna for a more proper one.

Important notes to Install Mobile Signal Booster   

  • Cables from the outdoor antenna should not be wound and be placed as straight as possible in order to avoid any hindrance for signal reception and its transmission.
  • Cables should be shortened to the acceptable maximum so that it doesn’t decrease the mobile signal coverage range.
  • In order to prevent water from coming into the mobile phone booster through the cable make a loop in it.
  • Keep the outdoor antenna as far as possible from frequency aerials, high voltage cables, metal nets or transformers.

Enjoy your mobile phone signal booster and enjoy your mobile communication and mobile internet with increased speed and performance.

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