how to solve mobile signal problems in house

How to Solve Mobile Signal Problems in House

In today’s digital age, a strong and reliable mobile signal is essential for seamless communication, internet access, and staying connected. However, many people in the United Kingdom face mobile signal problems within their homes, leading to dropped calls, slow internet speeds, and frustration. This article aims to provide a detailed and complete guide on how to solve mobile signal problems in house in the context of the United Kingdom, covering carriers, frequency bands, coverage areas, the benefits of mobile signal boosters, safety, legality, installation, maintenance, and why choosing can be advantageous.

Carriers and Frequency Bands

In the United Kingdom, major mobile network carriers include EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three. Each carrier operates on specific frequency bands, and it’s important to understand which bands your carrier uses to choose the right signal booster. The most common frequency bands in the UK are:

  • 800 MHz (Band 20): Used by all major carriers for 4G and sometimes 2G networks.
  • 900 MHz (Band 8): Primarily used by O2 and Vodafone for 2G and 3G networks.
  • 1800 MHz (Band 3): Used by all major carriers for 2G and 4G networks.
  • 2100 MHz (Band 1): Primarily used by Three and EE for 3G and sometimes 4G networks.

Understanding the frequency bands used by your carrier is crucial for selecting a compatible signal booster to help you solve mobile signal problems in house in the United Kingdom.

Coverage Area and Signal Strength

The coverage area of a mobile signal booster depends on its power and the strength of the external signal. Boosters can cover areas ranging from a single room to an entire house or office building. Signal strength is measured in decibels (dB) and displayed as signal bars on your mobile device. A weak signal typically falls below -100 dB, while a strong signal is above -70 dB. Signal boosters are designed to amplify weak signals, improving the overall coverage area and signal strength within your home.

Benefits of Mobile Signal Boosters

Mobile signal boosters offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Improved Signal Strength: Boosters amplify weak signals, providing a strong and reliable mobile connection within your home.
  • Enhanced Call Quality: Clearer voice calls with reduced call drops and interruptions.
  • Faster Data Speeds: Boosters improve internet connectivity, enabling faster downloads, smoother streaming, and better browsing experiences.
  • Multi-Carrier Compatibility: Signal boosters can work with multiple carriers simultaneously, accommodating different mobile network users within the same household.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Rather than changing carriers or relying on costly alternatives like Wi-Fi calling, a signal booster provides a one-time investment for long-term benefits.

Safety and Legality

Signal boosters are legal to use in the United Kingdom, provided they meet specific regulatory requirements. Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, ensures that signal boosters comply with technical standards to prevent interference with the network. It is important to choose signal boosters that are CE-certified and meet Ofcom’s specifications to ensure safety and legality. All of our mobile signal boosters are completely safe and legal to use in the United Kingdom because they are build in conformance with Ofcom’s guidelines.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing a signal booster requires positioning an external antenna to capture the existing signal and an internal antenna to distribute the boosted signal within your home. While the installation process may vary depending on the booster model, it generally involves mounting the antennas and connecting them to the booster unit. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional for optimal installation.

Maintenance of signal boosters typically involves periodic checks to ensure proper functioning. Regular inspection of cables, antennasĀ and connections is necessary to identify any issues or damage. Cleaning the antennas and keeping them free from obstructions like dust or debris is also important for optimal performance. Additionally, it is advisable to check for software updates provided by the signal booster manufacturer to ensure the latest features and compatibility.

Why Choose

We are a reputable and trusted provider of mobile signal boosters in the United Kingdom. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying from us:

  • Wide Range of Products: We offer a diverse selection of signal boosters suitable for various carriers, frequency bands, and coverage areas. They have options for residential, commercial, and industrial use, ensuring there’s a suitable solution for your specific needs.
  • High-Quality and Certified Products: Signal boosters available on our website are of superior quality and comply with regulatory standards such as CE certification and Ofcom requirements. This ensures that the boosters are safe to use and won’t cause interference with the network.
  • Expert Support and Guidance: We provide professional customer support to assist you in choosing the right signal booster for your home. They can offer guidance on installation, troubleshooting, and general inquiries to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Warranty and After-Sales Service: Purchasing from our website ensures you receive a warranty on their products, offering peace of mind. In case of any issues or concerns, their dedicated after-sales service team will provide assistance and resolve any problems promptly.

Alternative Solutions

While mobile signal boosters are an effective solution for improving mobile signal strength, there are alternative options worth considering. These include Wi-Fi calling, which allows you to make calls over a Wi-Fi network, and femtocells or microcells provided by some carriers, which create a localized cellular network within your home using your broadband connection. These alternatives may have limitations or requirements, so it’s essential to research and evaluate them based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Signal Surveys

Before purchasing a mobile signal booster, conducting a signal survey can be beneficial. This involves assessing the current signal strength in different areas of your house using a mobile signal strength app or device. A signal survey helps identify the weak spots and areas that require signal improvement, aiding in selecting the right booster and optimizing its placement for maximum effectiveness.

External Factors

It’s important to note that external factors can affect mobile signal quality. Factors such as distance from the nearest cell tower, geographical features (e.g., hills or buildings blocking signals), and environmental conditions (e.g., weather) can impact signal strength. While a signal booster can significantly improve signal quality, it’s essential to be aware of these external factors that may still influence overall performance.

Consultation with Network Carriers

If you’re experiencing persistent mobile signal problems, it may be worth reaching out to your network carrier for assistance. They can provide insights into network coverage in your area, any ongoing maintenance or upgrades, and potential solutions specific to their network. Engaging in a dialogue with your carrier can help you make informed decisions about signal improvement options.


To solve mobile signal problems in house is crucial for uninterrupted communication and reliable internet access. Understanding the carriers, frequency bands, coverage areas, and the benefits of mobile signal boosters is essential in choosing the right solution. Signal boosters offer improved signal strength, enhanced call quality, faster data speeds, and multi-carrier compatibility.

It is important to ensure the legality and safety of signal boosters by adhering to regulatory requirements. When considering a signal booster provider, stands out due to our wide range of high-quality products, expert support, warranty, and after-sales service. Invest in a mobile signal booster to enjoy seamless connectivity within your home and stay connected with the world. If you have any questions regarding any of our products please contact us.

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