tesco 4g signal booster

If you are on Tesco UK Mobile Network and facing 4G signal issues and looking for a solution to solve that, then you should know a few very important things about the Tesco 4G Signal Booster.

Tesco is an MVNO and it uses the O2 infrastructure to provide its cellular services. Millions of people use Tesco mobile for their telecommunication needs. So, in areas where the O2 signal is weaker Tesco users will have issues with the signal reception.

Similarly, if in any area the Tesco 4G signal is weaker using a Tesco 4G Signal Booster makes sense.

Using the O2 towers and network infrastructure, Tesco Mobile offers its 2G/voice services on the 900/1800 MHz frequency. 3G signal runs on the 900/2100 MHz frequency. 4G services are offered through the 800/1800/2100 MHz signal spectrum.

Signals on lower frequency bands travel further than signals on higher frequency bands. It might sometimes be easier to make a call (on a lower frequency) than to browse the internet on a higher-frequency 3G or 4G connection.

Mobile signals can still be blocked by tall buildings, trees, and the distance from the tower. Our Tesco Signal Booster can solve this problem. It picks up the bad signal from outside and boosts it. Hence, it sends a strong signal in your home or business to ensure uninterrupted mobile connectivity.

We have a wide selection of Tesco signal boosters to improve your signal on whatever frequency you need. Also, the boosters cover a range of different property sizes and the number of users in urban and rural areas. Buy your Tesco Signal Booster today.

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