pros and cons of using a cell phone signal booster

Pros and Cons of Using a Cell Phone Signal Booster

If a cellular signal in your area doesn’t live up to your expectations, you don’t have to wait till your network operator improves it. Some things are out of your provider’s control and it is impossible to mitigate or remove their negative impact. We are talking about natural landscapes, surrounding buildings, vegetation, weather, and building materials. Any of these things can substantially degrade cellular signal propagation. Luckily, the bright minds of engineering came up with a cell phone signal booster, a device that can improve cellular reception. If you have your eye on one of these gizmos, you probably wonder if they are really worth it. To answer this question, let’s take a look at the pros and cons that come with signal amplifying devices.

Pros of Using a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Thousands of people around the globe enjoy crystal clear voice calls, instant texts, and great connectivity courtesy of cell phone boosters. These devices are super easy to use and they require no particular skills or expertise for setting up. If you opt for a cellular signal repeater, you can get the following benefits:

  • longer battery life for your mobile device (because it won’t have to spend its energy trying to locate a signal from a cell tower);
  • lower levels of electromagnetic radiation from your phone (the worse the signal, the higher the radiation);
  • stable and trouble-free mobile internet (your phone won’t have to switch to slower 3G if 4G works just fine; in a similar vein, if you already have 5G coverage in your area but it goes off and on, a booster will help to keep it ‘on’ all the time);
  • no more distortion, delays, echo, jittery or choppy voice calls. Cell phone signal boosters not only make cellular signals stronger but also more efficient by removing noise, cracks, and other extraneous sounds;
  • you can pick an ideal device by a number of criteria such as an application area (a building or vehicle), range of coverage, gain, output power, the number of users, supported frequency spectrum, etc;
  • although all standard kits are ready-to-use, there is a range of accessories to expand their functionality;
  • external antennas are suitable for all the weather conditions and temperatures.

As you can see, a cell phone booster may take your cellular communication experience to a whole new level. After you install a mobile signal booster, you won’t have to fiddle with settings or do anything manually – it will just run in the background without your supervision.

Cons of Cell Phone Boosters

It’s not that amplifiers feature some major deal-breakers but their usage is limited indeed. You can get improved signals only within a certain range, which is a few feet away from a cell signal amplifier. It will be enough for residential property but if you want to enhance a signal in a large business center, hotel, etc., you will have to look for models that come with a super powerful amplifier and a few internal antennas.

Cell phone boosters don’t create cellular signals on their own. They just draw the existing signals from a transmitter and improve them. But if you live in a dead spot area, there is no booster that could come to rescue.

You need to invest some time when selecting a booster for your needs. The utmost attention should be paid to operating frequencies. If your network and signal booster is out of sync, they won’t be able to interact. You need to learn which specific frequencies are used in your whereabouts and make sure your signal booster is compatible with them.

Please keep in mind that cellular networks in urban and rural areas operate on different frequencies, so a device that worked like magic in your apartment may be useless in your country house. With that said, there are multi-band amplifiers that support a wide range of bands and frequencies. While they carry a heftier price tag, they are indispensable when it comes to serving multiple users subscribed to different telecom companies.

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