simple hacks for having an unforgettable road trip

Simple Hacks for Having an Unforgettable Road Trip

Your wildest dreams can become a reality by taking to the highway on the renowned Alaska Highway that begins from Columbia and unwinds in the Delta Junction in the US or the legendary Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland, UK. The euphoria one experiences from stepping in and out of a metallic cage for flying is a breeze to the exhilarating adventure that one cannot entirely suck in from an unforgettable road trip. The simple hacks below will ignite this kind of experience from your road trip.

Check if Your Car Can Survive Long Travel to Give You an Unforgettable Road Trip

Some vehicles just aren’t meant for long travels. No one needs to provide some manual jump-start for his or her car at every stop.

Although, it may sound like fun when doing it with a couple of hilarious friends or having to hop in a truck to get a car for rental in your next stop.

Always hire a mechanic some days before your trip to have him check on the functionality of your car and load a fully inflated spare tire. If you are not ready for the road trip in advance then it could become a really unforgettable road trip in another way, not the way you want.

Draft a Plan

A simple plan will at least give you information on where to spend the night or the time differences between the nearest stops. Having an over-scheduled plan can mess up one’s whole trip.

Road trips seldom go and end as intended. Also, don’t have thorough research or detailed mental picture of the various stops on your way.

Opinions and reviews about places are generally subjective and skewed so it’s highly likely that one may be disappointed.

Be Internet Enabled

Access to the internet can jog up the otherwise very long afternoons on the road. One can check their favorite podcasts on YouTube or stream a music mix from Gaga.

One can also relax to some warm tunes in their hotels. However, considering the remoteness of the location, some hotels have installed mobile boosters to assist you when you need to boost mobile phone signal.

Carry Your Training Gear

Sitting for long hours can be painful and give one a stiff neck.

Carry a pair of jogging sneakers or a yoga mat for some stretching and relaxation at the motel you are spending the night in and don’t forget the vital need for human survival and procreation – water.

Don’t Drink and Drive

“Don’t drink and drive” is a disclaimer all too familiar with alcoholic beverages. However, this should not stop one from loading the trunk with beer to enjoy with friends as they tease the designated driver.

This does not advocate for irresponsible drinking as you may distract the designated driver, and he may also need some rest. You can certainly drink and watch the sunset with your arm around a loved one.

Always Stop at the Gas Station when Necessary

Don’t be scared by the classic movie plots of people stopping by abandoned gas stations and bumping into the walking dead. Why are people in movies always curious anyway?

You get to buy some amazingly cheap eats and candy to spice up your trip. Always check the expiry date on perishable items you purchase.

The gas station is also a great spot for meeting locals who you might later meet up for drinks in a local bar.

Update Insta-fans

In a socially minute society and the proliferation of the urge to share the tiniest bit of information such as the color of your undies with people who you barely know and follow (some are arsonists), updating your followers has become the rule of law.

The perks to it are that one gets to save their experiences in data that is retrievable or can be used in tracing one when lost and out of reach. Here’s to taking more side-faced pictures and gaining more ghost followers!

If the social web is not your cup of tea, making a phone call to your family or friends to inform them of your whereabouts is also insta-fabulous.

At the end of your trip, be sure to encounter many sweet wraps in unimaginable pits in your car and a collection of soda bottles you didn’t even drink from.

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