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Mobile Signal Booster Buying Guide – 2021

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Undoubtedly shopping is fun, especially when you get full value for every quid you spend. The same goes for mobile signal booster buying. You want to make sure you get the right mobile signal booster for your need and it works for a long duration. Also, it complies with the country’s telecom law, and being […]

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Pros and Cons of Using a Cell Phone Signal Booster

If a cellular signal in your area doesn’t live up to your expectations, you don’t have to wait till your network operator improves it. Some things are out of your provider’s control and it is impossible to mitigate or remove their negative impact. We are talking about natural landscapes, surrounding buildings, vegetation, weather, and building […]

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5G Cell Signal Boosters for UK

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You must have heard and read a lot about the 5G and probably want to be the first among the users who want to experience the 5G network and the super-fast speed of the internet it is expected to offer. But, you should know a few things which are very important for you to understand. […]

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Advantages of Mobile Signal Boosters

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Mobile signal boosters, along with many other interesting gadgets, are being rated among gadgets everyone should have. With them, you can use your mobile devices wherever you are, even if there’s a bad network connection. They are really your answer if you usually try to boost mobile speeds around your house, car, office, or wherever […]

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Best GiffGaff Mobile Signal Booster for UK Customers in 2020

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Giffgaff was launched in 2009 and is headquartered in Uxbridge, Greater London. It is a popular mobile network provider, using the United Kingdom’s second-largest network – O2 Mobile. GiffGaff is one of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and very popular since 2009. O2 mobile infrastructure is used by the GiffGaff for transmitting GSM, 3G and LTE 4G signals. More […]

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Best Orange Mobile Signal Booster for UK Customers in 2020

Originally launched in 1990 as “Microtel Communication Ltd” Orange Mobile provided telecommunication and internet services in the UK. Since its inception, Orange Mobile quickly gained popularity and expanded. 10 years later it merge with France Telecom (Orange SA), and later with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK and formed a joint venture with EE Mobile. Since February […]

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Best Virgin Mobile Signal Booster for UK Customers in 2020

Virgin mobile is the first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) of the world. It doesn’t have its own network but uses the network of EE Limited to offer its mobile services. Virgin Mobile provides “Pay-as-You-Go” and contracts mobile packages. Consumers of Virgin Mobile are now offered services by EE Mobile Limited. Like the other service providers, Virgin mobile also […]

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Best BT Mobile Signal Booster for UK Customers

BT Mobile is the biggest MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) owned by BT Groups and operating under the EE networks. It offers voice and data services all over the UK with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The frequency spectrum for each network is the same as that of EE Mobile. The 2G network of BT Mobile covers almost 99% of […]

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Best T Mobile Signal Booster for UK Customers

T Mobile delivers reliable cell service to a large portion of the UK but many of us frequently find areas with weak T-Mobile cell phone signals. Areas like the inside of a home, office, hotel, or in extremely rural or congested urban areas can experience weak signal or even an area called “dead zone” where […]

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Best O2 Mobile Signal Booster for UK Customers

The second-largest mobile telecommunication provider in the United Kingdom O2 mobile is owned by the Spanish “Multinational Telefonica UK Limited”. It’s headquarter is in Slough, England and it was founded in 1985. It has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the market of the UK according to “Ofcom”. O2 mobile has over 20 million customers […]

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4 Safety Equipment Every Home Should Have

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Safety is necessary for everyone and every home. In the recent Covid-19 pandemic it is even more essential. There is some safety equipment every home should have. We are going to discuss those very important 4 safety equipment every home should have. These 4 safety equipment will help you keep yourself safe at home. Fire […]

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Robots in Class Challenging ‘Old School’ Mentality

Education in the UK has tremendously taken a shift from conservative ways of learning to new and revolutionized tech-enhanced classrooms. The average kid today has access to a mobile phone, satellite television, a computer, or a video game. Tech experts and Silicon Valley providers have tapped into the need to advance the learning capabilities of […]

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4 Survival Tips for Moving Homes

At one point or the other, everyone will need to change homes. It could be due to a school change, a change in employment, or any other reason. When one first moves into a new home and is yet to fully settle in. The situation can be a bit chaotic with items being stored in […]

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5 Tips to Best Document Your Trip

Traveling is a passion for many and the profession for millions across the world. With traveling you can see more of the world, learn the cultures and communities across the world. It widens your point of view about the world and people. But, it is important to document your trip so that you can share […]

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4 Concert Safety Tips

Concerts are very popular among youngsters and music lovers. It gives them the opportunity to see their favorite musicians and actors perform live. Millions of people attend concerts every year. As much as concerts can be a place of fun and joy, they can also be dangerous. This is because many people are put in […]

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How Slow Internet Affects Business

When you are thinking of upgrading your business, you could try starting with improving your internet connection because that’s how you will be able to reach a broader market within your industry. Sometimes, you may not realize that your internet is slow until so much damage has been done already. Slow internet can make you […]

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How to Improve Your Mobile Phone Reception

There has been a lot of complaints regarding cell service recently as opposed to the past. Proper mobile phone reception is becoming a frequent problem users encounter on day to day basis. Many people are complaining of calls dropping before and during calls, users not being able to hear the other person, and undelivered emails […]

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3 Important Sets of Items for Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a bit of a chore. However, at the same time, it could be a very thrilling and stimulating activity. It’s also a lot heightened when it’s the first apartment you’re renting or owning by yourself. The feeling is not diminished at all even if you’re sharing your new […]

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How Does a Mobile Signal Booster Work

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A mobile signal booster helps you access better phone network coverage regardless of your location. It is a solution that changes how you receive or make calls from your home or office. This means no more call drops or unclear calls. The mobile signal booster is a system built with an internal antenna or an […]

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Better Cell Signals around Campus and Dorms

The reason learning institutions experience weak cell reception is because they have a lot of buildings that require better cell signals and at the same time obstruct each other from getting the same reception. This is especially true for campuses that have multi-story buildings. Learning institutions are heavily reliant on better cell signals to better […]

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Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed

There are a few things that annoy people more than having slow internet connection. A large part of the world revolves around the internet. And if you are a digital person who uses the internet a lot, you would definitely want to increase internet speed. If you’re getting slow internet connection, you might want to […]

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A DIY 4G Wireless Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Sometimes, cell phone signals can be unpredictable; one moment you are enjoying a strong phone connection, then another minute your phone calls get dropped due to weak or no signal at all leaving you hopeless. You can take control of your phone connections at home by either buying or making a DIY wireless cell phone signal […]

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Are Mobile Phone Repeaters Legal in the UK?

Since you wanted to know whether Mobile Phone Repeaters are legal or illegal in UK, we have created this post for you to understand that using mobile phone repeaters is legal or illegal. Keep reading to know your answer. A weak signal is ubiquitous in the UK especially in establishments away from the network service […]

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Easy Steps to Get Better Network Reception

Even though reports have it that more than 90% of the entire population of the world has cell coverage, it’s still very alarming that there can be bad network reception in many places including densely populated urban areas. Communication is a very important part of the human experience and cell phones improve lives and help […]

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How to Boost Cell Signals at Home

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It can be very stressful when you have a weak cell signal in your home. Sometimes, making a phone call becomes almost impossible. It could be the fault of your carrier or obstruction caused by skyscrapers, thick walls, or metal frames. Also, competing signals or a distant signal tower can affect the quality of your […]

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Why You have Bad Mobile Signal

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It’s really irritating and frustrating to have bad mobile signal and frequent call drops along with terribly slow and intermittently broken data connectivity. Before we talk about solutions, we need to cover the reasons why you’re experiencing a poor cellular signal even when you are paying your phone bills on time. There are three main […]

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