the best signal boosters based on carriers

The Best Signal Boosters Based on Carriers

For anyone with a cell-phone who happens to be concerned with their connection, a phone signal booster is essential. This type of product is best for helping those boost their cellular signals, even if they happen to be miles away from the closest cell-tower. Bringing a phone-booster with you is also essential and handy if you find yourself in an unlikely situation, and need to make a call. In this post, we will help you uncover the secrets of finding the best signal boosters for your carrier and need.

This type of product is a simple fix to many issues and is just helpful to any cell-phone owner. Be sure to read more into mobile signal boosters, and how they operate before purchasing one, as there are many helpful blogs online full of information, such as This site currently contains many different articles based around signal boosters themselves and their accessories.


Vodafone is an award-winning telecommunications brand that is all about providing a good, solid, and reliable connection. Therefore, there should be no inquiry as to why their range of phone boosters are reliable and essential. The best phone boosters to use with an established Vodafone connection would have to be the Home Elite Quad Universal Signal Booster, and on a more expensive level, the Power Max Mobile Signal Booster.

The Home Elite can help your Vodafone connection attain a better signal, and can help boost your signal up to 300 meters, which makes this ideal for smaller properties and smaller uses.

The Power Max 900 is listed at a much higher price, but for good reason. This phone booster is much more advanced, and includes an external aerial antenna and connects to the pre-existing signal that stems from an already-established cell tower, making it much stronger and helpful.

O2 Mobile

If O2 is your mobile service provider, then the perfect match for attaining a much better signal would be the Home Pro Mobile Signal Booster. This phone booster reaches a frequency of 900 MHZ and can help your signal reach a much further 500 meters. Similar to other boosters, this phone booster contains an external antenna, and is ideal for home and work situations, and works great for those with Spark as their provider.

EE Mobile

Like fellow provider Vodafone, EE mobile comes equipped with strong phone boosters that specifically cater to their connections and towers. So far, the best phone boosters to enhance your EE Mobile-based mobile signal would have to be the Pro Boost Quad Universal Signal Booster, a signal booster that is ideal for amplifying your signal up to 1000 meters, and the Power Max Quad Universal Signal Booster, which amplifies a simple signal up to 5000 square meters.

The Power Max Dual 2 is clearly not for everyday use but is quite worth the investment if you find yourself situated a long way from the nearest available cell tower. This product could make your life so much easier by just helping to keep you connected.


In conclusion, phone boosters are a much-needed and very essential product to have. There is a varied range of options and varying frequencies ideal for any situation. Pretty much everyone carries a phone with him or her, so it would be convenient to have a signal booster on standby.

Maybe you shouldn’t feel the need to have it connected to your phone at all times, but keeping it as an accessory or tool in your car or somewhere in your home is the best way to ensure a boosted and beneficial investment to enhance your cellular signals and connections.

Even respected business sources such as Forbes recommend the use of an amplifier as one of the best ways to achieve a stronger and more connected signal. In their helpful article, “Cellphone Dead Zone,” investing in a cell phone booster is listed as the first and one of the most helpful solutions.

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