3 ways of enhancing phone reception

3 Ways of Enhancing Phone Reception

The ownership of mobile phones has soared in the past decade. Although it is more common to use mobile phones nowadays, the mobile signal is not getting much better due to a range of reasons. However, there are ways that help in enhancing phone reception.

Below are the three great ways of Enhancing phone reception.

Adjusting the Mobile Network

Switching from a 3G or 4G network to a 2G network allows farther coverage in more places. This makes users easier to reach for phone calls and text messages. Although a 2G network delivers lower bandwidth compared to 3G and 4G networks. The importance of reliability for texts and calls outweigh its deficiency.

Places like UK always encounter the problem of losing signals since a lot of people live in remote areas. In this case, getting a mobile signal booster is essential to make sure the mobile phone functions the way it is supposed to. Mobile phone reception improves with the use of a mobile signal booster that makes the signal better.

Using the Phone Correctly

Electronic devices can cause interference with mobile reception. If the phone signal is not strong enough, perhaps one can try to stay away from devices like laptops, microwaves, and iPads. Otherwise, one can try to turn off those devices.

Charging the phone is another way to go. If the battery is getting higher, it means there is more power available to attempt a phone call and find a signal. So, keeping enough power in the phone battery is a safe bet.

The antenna of mobile phones is supposed to project signal outward, so it is suggested to hold the phone perpendicular to the signal receptor – that is holding it upright.

If the above way does not help, one can think of using Wi-Fi as the phone signal. Nowadays there are a handful of free apps available to make phone calls by using Wi-Fi instead of traditional phone signals.

Finding the Right Position for Reception

Apart from holding the phone upright, there are also other ways to receive a better signal. For example, one can increase his elevation in order to get rid of obstructions.

Moving somewhere outside also has the same effect of getting clear, unobstructed signals from cell towers. Perhaps downloading a signal map is ideal to find out the best location for receiving better signals. But one thing for certain is that being underground is not the best place to receive signals.

Mobile phones are designed to be more digital these days, they are more sensitive to getting a clear signal. Although, it is always best to get to an open area in order to get a better signal.

In short, phone signals are very important and these tips are really helpful in enhancing phone reception in the low signal areas.

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