best ee signal boosters for uk

Best EE Signal Boosters for UK

With technological advancements, networks have evolved from the first generation to the fifth generation. At present, EE has become one of the major network providers in the UK. Formerly known as Everything Everywhere, it provides 3G, 4 G, and 5G network services to several parts in the UK. EE signal boosters are in great demand for a very long time, and the reasons are very obvious.

We can say that EE is the youngest network in the country. It was formed when T-Mobile UK and Orange UK decided to merge in the year 2010. Later in 2012, the company declared EE to be the brand offering 4G services, whereas Everything Elsewhere would be the parent company for all the three operators. In 2016, the BT group bought the company, retaining its brand name as EE. 

Cell Boosters for EE

A mobile booster is a device that enhances the signal strength. There may be situations where you face a poor network connection regularly. Getting an EE mobile signal booster will solve the network problems. If you have a 3G network, you may get an EE 3G mobile booster and for 4G you can select the EE 4G mobile booster. We suggest getting an EE cell booster because it is one of the largest network operators in the UK. 

The working mechanism is simple. The inside antenna catches the weaker signals in your area. The signals are sent to the amplifier which is responsible to boost the weak signals. The outside antenna releases the increased signals in your network area. A coax cable is used to join all three components for optimum performance. The best EE booster will give you five bars and a stable network connection anytime, anywhere.

Why Should You Rely on  EE Signal Boosters?

Over 95% of the population of the UK use network services from EE. The company takes pride in covering the population more than any other operator, offering 4G LTE services. It started with the 4G services in 2012, which was a year prior to the other network operators starting with their 4G services. This makes EE as the UK’s first 4G network provider. It uses the following frequencies to offer quality networks.



800MHz 4G
1800MHz 2G/4G
2100MHz 3G
2600MHz 4G

EE introduced ‘4G LTE Advanced’ in all parts of the UK, which provided an additional speed to LTE users. By 2020, it has aimed to cover 95% of the nation geographically. In late 2018, the company did the first 5G trial on the 3.4GHz spectrum in London. By the year-end, it is planning to cover 15 percent of the total population of the UK. This makes EE one of the most reliable networks for the country.

An EE 4G signal booster will work best to offer you a proper network connection. It has performed well for users in different parts of the UK. If you face a network issue, you should think of getting an EE 5G signal booster for your home. If you are confused with the types of EE mobile boosters available in the market, keep reading to find the best mobile phone signal boosters.

We find EE mobile signal booster to be one of the best cell signal boosters and have the highest demand. The EE boosters we sell perform efficiently to provide users with a reliable network. People across the UK use signal boosters to get faster internet and complete their office work. Students depend on EE 4G signal boosters to get a proper network and complete their assignments. In today’s digital world, 70% of the population depend on the internet to get their job done. This is why having a proper network connection is so important. 

How do I find the best EE Mobile Boosters?

Going through different websites and reading all the EE signal booster reviews may be a cumbersome process. To help you narrow down your choices and get high-quality reliable EE mobile boosters, we have created a list for you. Mobile Boosters UK has been offering quality EE mobile repeaters to several users in the UK. Our experts can help you find out the best mobile boosters as per your requirement, just contact them for help.

We have listed the best EE mobile boosters on our website. We want you to invest in a top-notch EE booster that works efficiently and provides optimum results. Our premium range of mobile signal boosters for the UK will help you find the best EE boosters for 3G, 4G, and 5G. If you need an EE signal booster for home or office, we have some amazing boosters which you should check out.

Where will a cell booster work?

A cell booster will work for the following locations. While purchasing an EE 4G booster or an EE 5G signal booster, ensure to check the specifications like coverage area and frequency. This will help you to get the best mobile signal booster for your area.


A mobile booster works well for your home or an enclosed space. If you have a network issue at your home, you can get an EE booster installed in your home. This will solve the issue offering you a strong and reliable network.


When it comes to workspaces, we need a reliable network and a faster internet connection. Imagine a situation when you sit down to work on a project and the internet stops working. This sounds an awful situation to be in. An EE signal booster for your office will help you get five bars and a strong network in your office all the time. You can now do your work without any network issues.


Planning a fun weekend with your friends at your farm? When it comes to events like these, your friends and family expect that the place will have a strong network and internet connection. So, if you have a network problem at your farm, fix it immediately. Install an EE mobile booster for the farm and experience a stable network all the time.


Getting full signal strength in a packed space can be difficult. Installing an EE booster is your best option. It will provide you with a strong signal, faster internet, and five bars. So, if you have a network issue in your warehouse, get an EE signal booster installed.

Large buildings

If there is a network problem in larger buildings like hospitals or shopping malls, you need to get multiple EE boosters to work together and provide a reliable network. Since every booster covers a specific area, you need the mobile boosters according to the area of the building you wanna cover.

Get your EE Signal booster now!

Mobile Boosters UK has a range of high-quality mobile boosters for EE. You can select the booster as per your requirements. We offer EE boosters for 3G, 4G, and 5G. The EE signal boosters will work for your home, farms, warehouse, and office. If you are looking for a portable mobile booster that will work while traveling, you can check out the EE booster for car and boat. With a quality EE booster, you get to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Get Full Network Connection
  • Five Bars
  • Enhanced signals
  • Seamless browsing
  • Faster upload and downloads
  • High uplink and downlink power
  • No buffered videos
  • High-resolution audio/video
  • Faster internet speed
  • No call dropping or voice-breaking

At Mobile Boosters UK, we deliver high-quality cell boosters to users across the UK. For years, we have been committed to helping people get a stable and reliable network anytime, anywhere. We offer lucrative services for our customer’s benefit. We offer a 30-days money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the EE mobile boosters, you can get your money back within 30 days of the purchase. We offer free delivery across the UK. So, this is your time to solve all the network issues. Get your EE Signal booster.


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