how to boost cell signals at home

How to Boost Cell Signals at Home

It can be very stressful when you have a weak cell signal in your home. Sometimes, making a phone call becomes almost impossible. It could be the fault of your carrier or obstruction caused by skyscrapers, thick walls, or metal frames. Also, competing signals or a distant signal tower can affect the quality of your cell phone network connection. Nothing can be frustrating like waiting for a call to go through and then getting dropped. In most cases, the problem is caused by your environment. Here are some ways to boost cell signals at home to enjoy using your cell phone when at home.

Use a Cellphone Signal Booster

A signal booster is also known as a repeater, and it makes your cell signal better. You place it where you have the best signal reception in your house. It could be a window or a high shelf, and it will spread a strong signal throughout your home. Some cell signal boosters have an antenna that you mount outside to help boost your signal fast.

You can buy a network signal booster from your carrier, but it will not work with other carriers. If you want to serve everyone in your house regardless of their carrier, get the booster from a third-party company that has signal boosters that work with various carriers’ signals. To increase 4G coverage, the price of the booster will go higher. But this is only essential if you need fast internet.

Use Wi-Fi to Make Calls

If you already have Wi-Fi in your home, you can use it with your smartphone or tablet to make calls. With the internet, you can make calls via apps such as Apples’ iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Skype.  If the person you want to call has any of these apps, you can talk without worrying about the poor signal.


Femtocell, also known as microcell, is a small cellular base station with low power. It is facilitated by your broad internet to connect with the nearest cellular signal tower. The internet must be fast so it could provide a better signal in a home where even the signal bar of coverage is missing. While every carrier has its own speed plans, Femtocell will work effectively as long as your broadband connection is stable.

Femtocell also works with analog devices that cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Before you shop elsewhere, check if your carrier has this product. Most carriers sell these products at discounted prices to their customers. However, anybody can use it as long as they have subscribed to a carrier. That means they can slow down your internet especially if you are downloading large data or streaming videos. Some carriers are generous and give out femtocells at no cost.


Weak signals are becoming a thing of the past because of solutions like these. People can now enjoy sending text messages and making calls without interruptions caused by slow connections. With the simple yet practical tips discussed above you can boost cell signals at home to enjoy uninterrupted communication and mobile internet. Choose a mobile phone signal booster that will suit your situation perfectly.

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