3g amplifier

Before discussing the 3G amplifier let’s first take a brief look at 3G technology.

3G as we know it is the third generation of mobile technology that paved the way for smartphones and touch screen phones. 3G signal is still the most reliable signal as to when the 4G signal fails the users switch back to the 3G signal automatically. Probably this will change when 5G will be rolled out throughout the country.

There are many factors that can obstruct mobile signal reception. For instance, the distance from the tower, building material like bricks, metal sheets, insulation, etc., can obstruct the signal. That makes the 3G uses for the users difficult. But with a 3G amplifier, this can be solved. As the 3G amplifier boosts that weak signal and helps users get boosted 3G signal to enjoy their 3G internet data.

As the name suggests a 3G amplifier only helps boost the 3G signals. But if you have a voice signal, 3G and 4G signal are all weak you should choose a Universal signal booster that boosts all types of signals.

The 3G signal booster kit comes with an internal antenna, an external antenna, and an amplifier. The external antenna is placed outside the building to catch the outside signal. This antenna after catching the existing outside sends it to the amplifier. Amplifier then boosts that signal and sends it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal inside the building. This is how the users get boosted signals inside the building and enjoy high-speed 3G signals.

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