vodafone boost box

You might have heard about the Vodafone Boost Box from friends or some online advertisements. Probably you also know what is it used for. But, if you don’t know what it is and what is used for even if you really need to buy a Vodafone Boost Box.

We will cover every important thing about the Boost Boxes in this post.

As the name suggests a boost box is a device that is used to boost the signal strength of a particular cellular service provider. For instance, you can buy a boost box for O2, Vodafone, EE, and Three mobile networks.

The problem with these boosters is that they work only with their own network and boost only one data type. That means if you buy a Boost Box for Vodafone it might boost the voice signals but not the 3G, & 4G signals. Their range is also very short and hardly covers 50 to 100 square feet area.

Also, these are expensive than the alternative mobile signal boosters. If you want to boost the signals from two different cellular service providers then you need to buy two different boost boxes. But, if you instead buy a CE-certified signal booster you can boost the signals from different cellular service providers.

Our signal boosters are CE-certified and cover a bigger range than the boost boxes. You can try our products worry-free as we offer 30 days return policy on all our products. Plus you also enjoy free doorstep delivery all over UK. For any assistance please contact us.

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