mobile signal booster installation guide

Here is a simple instruction manual, which is a DIY Mobile Signal Booster Installation Guide. This Mobile Signal Booster Guide is useful to set up and use all our mobile signal boosters.

DIY Mobile Signal Booster Installation Guide

Follow this guide and your signal inside will go from 1 – 5 bars.


Install the Mobile Signal Booster as per the Instructions for maximum gain, Trial and error is allowed, if it works great, if not do as per the instructions below. Always use your mobile phone as an Indicator for finding the best signal.

Step 1

Position the external antenna up high where you have got a full 4/5 bar signal (use mobile phone as an indicator). If you have a 2/3 bar you must purchase the extra yaggi antenna as this takes a weaker signal better to the repeater to get the gain inside).

Step 2

Screw fix cable to the external antenna to the port that says BTS port on the repeater.
This will require drilling a 25 mm hole. You can purchase a window jumper that allows you to bring the cable into a building without drilling.

Step 3

Make sure that the antennas are at full length apart of the cable and ideally a wall separation between the antennas. No kinks should be there in the cable as this causes interference.

Step 4

Fix the internal cable to the internal omni direction antenna or screw fix the whip antenna to the port that says USER on the amplifier.

Step 5

Connect the power, switch on and the signal will be amplified to 5 bars. If no improvement, move the external antenna into a different position, as this is the most fundamental part of the operation.

Step 6

If your mobile signal decreases then move the antennas further apart as there is interference being caused. If you’re not using the Booster it’s advised to turn off the Mobile Signal Boosters.

Your Mobile Signal Booster is Ready to Use!

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