BT Mobile is one of the most popular and powerful mobile networks in the UK. It owns and acts as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on the EE network, which is the largest network in the UK. It provides strong 2G, 3G4G, and 5G data services. But even with the high coverage of the EE network, sometimes you can still struggle to get mobile phone reception in urban or rural areas. Our award-winning BT signal booster will amplify your BT Mobile reception, giving you a five-bar signal regardless of your location in urban and suburban areas, or in the countryside.

Our BT Signal Booster runs on the EE network and perfectly amplifies your BT Mobile phone voice and data connection. You will never have to deal with low signal issues again with your BT 2G, 3G, or 4G network. We have a wide range of signal boosters to suit your specific needs and ensure stable mobile phone reception in your home or business, 24/7.

BT Mobile Signal Frequencies

Using EE masts and network infrastructure, BT Mobile offers its 2G/voice services on the 1800 MHz frequency. 3G signal runs on the 2100 MHz frequency. 4G services are offered through the 800/900/1800/2100 MHz signal spectrum.

Signals on higher frequency bands don’t travel as far as signals on lower frequency bands. Higher frequencies are usually used in urban areas that are closer to the phone masts. But tall buildings, trees, etc., can obstruct the signals. Our Mobile Boosters can solve this problem by picking up the weak signal from outside and boosting it. You get a stronger voice or data connection with our BT signal booster.

We have a wide selection of BT Mobile Signal Boosters to improve your signal on whatever frequency you need. The boosters cover a range of different property sizes and the number of users.

How Does the BT Mobile Signal Booster Work?

Our BT Mobile signal amplifiers truly offer you the best mobile connection you could hope for. Our BT mobile signal boosters work with the frequencies of the EE network spectrum. Through an antenna that you attach to your outside wall, the booster picks up the weak signal and boosts it. We have boosters that cover 300 square meters up to 5000 square meters. So you can choose from our range of BT signal boosters based on how much area you want to cover.

Get better phone reception with a new BT Mobile Signal Booster

How to Improve Your Mobile Phone Reception

Our mobile phone boosters are easy screw-fix items and come with a handy installation guide. You can install your new mobile signal solution within 15 minutes. But if you do need any guidance along the way, our dedicated 24/7 support team can assist you at any time.

We offer a 30-Day MoneyBack Guarantee on all our products, so you can try our products without any hesitation. We guarantee a full Five-Bar Signal, and delivery is free of charge anywhere in the UK.

Why You Should Choose Our Mobile Signal Boosters

We work hard to earn the trust of our customers. All our mobile phone signal amplifiers are fully CE-certified, Ofcom-compliant. We are so confident in the high quality of our boosters that we offer one year warranty, as well as a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

As well as offering the best quality products on the market, when you buy from us, you will also be buying from a company with a proven track record in offering excellent customer service through our 24/7 help desk.

Buy your BT Mobile Signal Booster today and bid adieu to bad signals.