3g signal repeater

3G Signal Repeater is another name for 3G Signal Booster. As the name suggests a 3G Signal Booster boosts the 3G signal in areas where the 3G signal is weaker.

Who Needs a 3G Signal Repeater?

People who use 3G signals for their mobile internet use and having issues with 3G signal in their area need a 3G signal repeater to make the signal stronger to make the best use of it.

How a 3G Signal Booster Works?

A 3G signal booster comes with an internal and external antenna. The external antenna is placed outside the building. The external antenna catches the outside available weak 3G signal. Then it sends that signal to the amplifier. Amplifier then boosts that signal and sends it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal inside the building. An internal antenna is placed inside the building where the boosted 3G signal is needed.

Is the 3G Signal Booster Expensive?

Considering the enhancement of the 3G signal this booster can do and help you enjoy your mobile internet it is not expensive at all. 3G signal boosters start at just £150. And here we are talking about the good quality ones. You can buy cheaper options as well that start from £85. But, we suggest you don’t buy cheaper boosters as they are not legal to use in the UK.

Ofcom only approves the booster that is of good quality. All the signal boosters we sell on our website are of very high quality and CE certified hence, are legal to use in the UK.

What Now?

Buy your 3G signal booster today and enjoy a high-speed 3G signal.


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