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BT is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and it uses the EE network infrastructure to provide its services. There thousands of people who use BT mobile as their cellular network. But as you know that BT signal is not stable and available to everyone. They face signal reception issues and they should be using BT Signal Booster to solve this problem.

As we said earlier that BT uses the EE network to provide its services. It means that the signal boosters that help boost the EE signals will also work for the BT network.

EE provides its voice services on 1800 MHz frequency bands. 3G is provided on 2100 MHz frequency bands and 4G on 800 MHz. So if the voice signal is weaker in your area and you want to improve that then you should buy a Home Elite Signal Booster. If you have a problem with 3G signals then you should be buying Home Elite Triband Universal Signal Booster. To improve the 4G signal strength you should use 4G signal Booster.

But, if all the signals are weaker then you need a signal booster that can improve all types of signals. In that case, you should use  Home Elite Quad Universal Signal Booster or Home Pro Quad Universal Signal Booster depending on your area coverage need. These boosters work on all cellular networks and boost all signal types for all cellular networks.

Do not struggle with your mobile signal issues. Buy your BT Signal Booster today and enjoy uninterrupted mobile communication.

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