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Mobile phones are no longer an option, rather they are a necessity. Whether you use your mobile phones for personal use or even for business use, you need to have a proper mobile signal reception to make the best use of your mobile phone. You need to keep a few important things in mind if you are planning to buy a mobile signal booster for office.

For any business, communication is quite important. Most businesses use mobile phones for communication because that gives mobility and other facilities like SMS, emails, and video calling. But all that is no possible without a prober usable mobile signal.

Irrespective of which cellular carrier you use mobile signal reception can be an issue. The reason for that is many like the distance from the cell tower, building material, insulation in the building, metal sheets, thick bricks, or metal sheets.

A good quality mobile signal booster for office is what can help solve that signal issue. Since the employees in our office might be using different cellular services. So, it is a good idea that you use a signal booster that covers all data signal enhancement. Also, it should work on all the cellular frequencies. For you, we have a Universal signal booster. The universal signal boosters work on all the frequencies and boost all types of signals.

Depending on the area of your office and the number of people you can choose a Universal Signal Booster.

A 300 SQM universal signal booster supports six users and covers 300 square meters area. A 500 SQM booster supports 10 users and covers 500 square meter area. Whereas a 100o SQM signal booster covers 1000 square meters area and supports 25 users. But, if you want a more powerful signal booster then go for the 5000 SQM universal signal booster as it covers 5000 square meters area and supports 250 users.

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