how to choose best vodafone signal repeater

How to Choose Best Vodafone Signal Repeater

In this post, we are going to discuss everything that takes to choose the best Vodafone Signal Repeater for your home, office, farm, hotel, or any other purposes.

You might have heard of Mobile signal boosters or mobile signal repeaters that work splendidly for increasing the mobile network signals. A mobile signal repeater is a device created to enhance your signal strength and offer you a faster and stable network connection. It focuses on boosting the weaker network signals to provide users with a five-bar strong signal network.

The major network providers in the UK are Vodafone, EE, O2, and Three. More than 70% of users in the UK utilize Vodafone to meet their network requirements. The mobile boosters, specially designed to work with the Vodafone network come in different shapes and sizes while being modified to meet specific coverage and purposes. If you are looking to build a stable and strong Vodafone network connection, we recommend you to keep reading to help you choose the best Vodafone Signal Repeater for the UK.

How does a Vodafone Signal Repeater Work?

Vodafone Signal Repeater catches the weaker signals through an external antenna and sends it to the amplifier that is connected to the external antenna through an LMR400 cable, i.e., a low loss cable that keeps the signal strong until it reaches the signal repeater. The Vodafone mobile signal repeater will boost the signals to make them strong enough to allow you uninterrupted communication and faster data speed that is available in your area. The increased signals are sent from the device to the building, where it’s installed; through an internal Omni antenna to all parts of the building.

Vodafone is considered to be one of the best networks in the UK. While it offers a stable and faster network, there are times when you might lose the signal strength. You may be heading to work and face a weak network or face a permanent network issue at your home/office. This signal loss often happens due to the Vodafone signals being blocked by insulations which are created to retain heat but end up blocking the signals inside the house.

How to Choose the Best Vodafone Signal Repeater?

When you start looking for a high-quality mobile signal booster for Vodafone, you need to have a clear idea about your requirements. This includes some basic things like the coverage area you’re looking to cover, network frequency (3G, 4G), number of users, and such. Below is a brief list of requirements you should be clear about, to find the best Vodafone signal repeater for the UK.

Understanding Outside Signal

If you are looking for an effective signal repeater to work in your area, you should know the signal strength in your area. You can use field test to measure the signal strength around your home/office or call an installer to come and test it. Installers are experienced and have the right knowledge as to which cell boosters will work best for you.

Coverage Area

Coverage area refers to the area you wish the Vodafone signal repeater to cover. For example, your whole office has a poor network, you would look for a mobile signal repeater for the whole office. On the other hand, only the first floor of your office faces a weak reception. You would then be going for a cell booster, especially for that coverage area.

Number of users supported

The next question that decides what kind of cell booster works for you best, is finding the number of users supported by the mobile booster device. If you are looking to enhance a network just for your mobile, a smaller cell booster will work for you. If you plan to go out on a yacht with your family, you will need a multi-user cell phone signal booster.

Features of a Quality Vodafone Signal Repeater

What to look for in a mobile signal repeater? If you’re confused as to what features will mark a signal repeater’s quality level, here’s your answer. You will find the following features in a high-quality and effective mobile signal repeater.

Supports Multi-bandwidth and channels

Multiple wireless devices function at the same time in homes and offices. You need a mobile signal repeater that has an amplifier able to switch frequencies to decrease interferences from other electronic devices around it. This ensures that you enjoy a high-speed, stable network connection all the time.

OFCOM approved

A high-performing Vodafone Signal Repeater should be OFCOM approved. It boosts the mobile signals at your house, office, industry, or studio. If you use a signal repeater that isn’t approved by OFCOM, it can harm the cell towers in your area. It can interfere with the networks of other network operators, shutting down the cell towers. We recommend you to check out the approved signal boosters by Mobile Boosters UK.

Cable Length

This is a small detail but makes a big difference. The length of the cable plays an important role in the overall functioning of the Vodafone cell booster. For every 100 feet of external cable used, the strength of network signals falls by 3.9 dB. This cable connects the exterior antenna to the amplifier so it needs to be as short as possible. The internal cable can be a long one. The key is to balance these coax cables for achieving the desired network strength.

Both types of Antenna

The best Vodafone Signal Repeater meets all your exterior antenna requirements. If you are someone who lives in an urban area, i.e., on the busy streets, you need a Yaggi antenna. This works to catch the strongest network signals from all directions.  On the other hand, a normal whip antenna would work for getting signals from one direction. The Yaggi antennas are able to catch signals from a farther area.

Get Product support

The best Mobile booster manufacturers provide product support for the same. You should check for the warranty period and opt for those cell boosters which provide you with at least one year warranty (included). You should also have a money-back guarantee. A tech support team will always be available to help you with any questions or complaints.

What signals can a Vodafone Signal Repeater work for?

  • Second Generation (2G) – If you need to strengthen the Vodafone 2G signal in your property, you can get a quality Vodafone cell booster installed at your home/office.
  •  Third Generation (3G) – If you use the Vodafone 3G network, you can check out for Vodafone 3G mobile booster or Universal 3G cell boosters on Mobile Boosters UK’s website.
  • Fourth Generation (4G) – When you face a poor network connection with Vodafone 4G, you can opt to use a 4G Vodafone mobile booster or a universal 4G signal booster for the UK

What happens when you choose the best Vodafone Signal Repeater?

Extended Battery Life

You may not know this but a Vodafone approved mobile signal repeater will provide you with enhanced battery life. When you have a poor connection, the search for strong signals by your phone drains your battery life, using more power for transmission and reception. If you have an unstable network, your battery power will be consumed more and you will have to charge the battery frequently.

Stable Internet Connection

No one likes a lousy and slow internet connection. But, you will get that with a poor network. When you use a 3G Vodafone mobile booster or a 4G cell booster, you will be able to enjoy a higher and faster internet speed. This means that you won’t have to face a slow internet speed ever again!

Saves additional expenses

Opting for a landline may seem a good option to reduce the number of dropped calls. The thought of a mobile booster for the Vodafone network may not occur immediately. But, it is a useful alternative to a landline. A cell booster is a one-time investment whereas you will have to pay regular rental for the landline. In addition, a mobile signal booster enhances the overall network, providing you with a stable and faster connection.

Uninterrupted Vodafone network

With a quality Vodafone mobile booster for the UK, you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted network connection. The audio quality for your calls will improve. You will have a high uplink and downlink power. You will also be able to stream or download videos at high resolution.

Best Vodafone Mobile Signal Repeaters for the UK

There are several cell phone boosters available in the market. They will guarantee you it’s efficient working but most of them turn out to be not providing what they advertise. To help you out, we have listed some of the best Signal Repeaters which are trusted by several users in the UK.

Home Elite Dual Signal Booster

The Home Elite Dual Signal Booster is your best choice for the Vodafone network. It also works well for other network providers like O2, EE, iD, Three, BT, and GiffGaff. The coverage area is around 300 sqm, with a frequency range of 900 MHz or 1800 MHz. If you are looking for a device where up to six users can connect simultaneously, this signal booster is your best fit. It comes with an instruction manual that explains the installation process. And installing it is just a piece of cake.

Home Elite Dual 3G Signal Booster

If you are looking for a cell phone booster to enhance 3G network signals and audio quality, you should check out the latest Home Elite Dual 3G Signal Booster. It would work well for small offices, houses or studios. It has a coverage area of 300 sqm; working for Vodafone, Tesco, O2, and GiffGaff. It can connect up to six users at a point in time.

Dual Band 2G & 4G Booster – 3 SQM

The all-new Dual Band 2G & 4G Booster works to improve voice and data quality for the 4G network. It works for Vodafone, O2, GiffGaff, and Tesco. With a frequency range of 800/900MHz, it covers an area up to 300 sqm. The signal booster comes with a one year guarantee which is included with your purchase. You can opt to buy booster upgrades like Yagi Antenna, Window Jumper, or Power Surge Protector.

 Pro Boost Dual 3G Signal Booster

Covering an area of 1000sqm, the Pro Boost Dual 3G signal booster is a perfect fit for boosting the network strength in your homes, studios, and large offices. It supports the frequency range of 900/2100MHz, which can connect up to 25 users together. It focuses on improving the 2G and 3G signals for Vodafone, O2, GiffGaff, Tesco, and TalkTalk. If you are looking for a signal booster to cover a larger area, you should give this cell booster a try.

Get your Vodafone Signal Repeater Now!

A quality cell phone booster can solve all your network problems permanently. If you are in the UK, we have the perfect signal booster selected just for you. You can opt for a quality cell booster depending on your network provider (Vodafone, O2, Three, etc.) and your network (2G,3G, or 4G).

Mobile boosters enhance the signal strength providing you with a stable and faster network. To save you from the hassle, we have listed the best Mobile signal boosters on our website. If you are not satisfied with the device’s performance, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. You can return the product within 30 days of your purchase and get all your money back. Head to our website and get your mobile booster now.

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