how to install a mobile phone signal booster on your own

How to Install a Mobile Phone Signal Booster on Your Own

Today we speak on mobile phones in less appropriate places for mobile communication like subways and elevators. Still, the power of mobile service providers is limited to a certain extent. People living in rural areas and remote regions, shops, and establishments located in basements still suffer from weak signal or even no signal at all. In such situations, Mobile Phone Signal Booster is of great help. All you need to install it correctly.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster installation is a quick and very easy task. Though, dealing with technical devices always requires some assistance from experts. But, in the case of Mobile Phone Signal Booster installation, you don’t need any assistance. You can successfully install them yourself.

The first helper in the process of booster installation can be the Instruction Manual for Mobile Signal Booster. This is supplied to you in the box of mobile signal booster you buy. Or you can also download it from our website. To make it easier we are going to give you the complete installation process in a step-by-step manner.

A mobile signal booster kit includes the following components:

  1. Mobile Phone Signal Booster
  2. Indoor Omni Antenna
  3. Outdoor Antenna is also known as external antenna or donor antenna
  4. Coaxial cable (10m or 15m) to connect the outdoor antenna, booster, and indoor antenna
  5. Power Supply plug
  6. Screws & fasteners
  7. Instruction Manual for installation

Now let’s see the step-by-step installation process for the mobile signal booster.

  1. Find an appropriate position for installing the outdoor antenna.

Requirements for the Outdoor Antenna Installation:

  • Outdoor antenna should be installed on the roof of the house/building or in some other place where you have some amount of signal available.
  • Outdoor antenna should be fixed in a way that is straight
  1. Connect the outdoor antenna to the mobile booster with the help of coax cable from the BS side and fasten tightly.
  2. Connect the indoor antenna to the mobile booster from the MS side of the coax cable and fasten it tightly.

Requirements for indoor antenna installation:

  • The indoor antenna should be at least 5-meter distance from an outdoor antenna
  • Indoor antenna should be at least 2 meters above the ground
  • The indoor antenna should be fixed vertically with the ground.
  1. Connect the mobile signal booster box to the Power Supply.

Some models have an inbuilt Power Supply. Please, examine the manual applied to your model, if your signal repeater kit doesn’t include a separate Power Supply, skip this step!

If the light indicator on the booster turns on it means the installation has been done correctly.

Note: Switch on the repeater only after you connect outdoor and indoor antennas in the proper way!

  1. Test the signal of your mobile phone – a maximum quantity of bars should be indicated on the display of your phone in each corner of the location within the booster coverage zone. In case the mobile signal is still unstable try to change the position of the outdoor antenna for receiving more signal strength.

Important notes for installation:   

  • Cables from outdoor antenna should not be wound and be placed as straight as possible in order not to create any hindrance for signal reception and its transmission.
  • Cables should be shortened to the acceptable maximum so that not to waste or decrease the mobile signal coverage range.
  • In order to prevent water from coming into the mobile phone booster through the cable make a loop in it.
  • Keep the outdoor antenna as far as possible from frequency aerials, high voltage cables, metal nets, or transformers.
  • Do not cut the coax cable unnecessarily.

If you do everything explained above correctly and install your signal booster you are all set to receive and enjoy super-strong signal strength.

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