the 4g amplifier solution to improve your 4g connection

The 4G Amplifier: Solution to Improve Your 4G Connection?

With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet, everyone wants to enjoy a stable 4G connection. In the UK, almost all cellular service providers have adopted 4G technology. Soon, moreover, they will switch to the 5G network. Nevertheless, several places or cities are still poorly covered by the 4G network. These are mainly rural areas or even urban areas that find themselves too isolated. Fortunately, for people who live in these places, it is now possible to have high-speed 4G internet by installing a 4G amplifier. Thanks to this device, you will no longer need to walk around your room or house to find a good signal.

What is a 4G Amplifier?

4G amplifiers are not recent inventions. They’ve been around since the inception of 2G networks. It’s a small, fairly simple device that usually consists of three parts. We have the external antenna which receives the signal from outside the building, the amplifier that amplifies the signals, the internal antenna that broadcasts the boosted signal inside the building, and the coaxial wire connecting all these elements.

The Amplifier

It is the amplifier that increases the strength of the signal. There are several kinds of amplifiers available in the market. The best amplifiers are capable of handling multiple frequency bands at once. But if you simply want to take advantage of the 4G network buy an amplifier that works on the 800 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands.

These frequencies are used to broadcast the 4G signals for all the cellular networks in the United Kingdom. 4G corresponds to the LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. The digital LCD display on the amplifier displays the signal strength in dB (decibel). However, the 4G amplifier limits its own signal to avoid disturbing the public network.

Amplifier Antennas

Antennas like those of satellite televisions are of different kinds. Some, multidirectional, pick up the 4G signal emitted by the operator’s take, regardless of how they are oriented. It all depends on the brand and your budget. They are of course connected to the amplifier by a coaxial wire.

Why is Your 4G Signal Weak?

Before installing an amplifier, it is important to know the causes of the weak 4G signal. It is also important to know your speed to know if it is better to change telephone or operator:

Low power of carrier’s transmitting antenna

If a carrier’s 4G network has limited coverage, it’s usually due to the strength of their transmitting antenna. This can be calibrated as needed. In general, in places where there are many users, operators prefer to use antennas with small coverage radii, but in large numbers. These are called small cells. It is possible that a single area is covered by several antennas. In this way, 4G network users will have a stable signal even if they move around their city or the covered district.

Nevertheless, without obstacles, even a small cell manages to cover several kilometers. The 4G band clocked at 800 MHz, for example, covers a radius of 30 km outside urban areas. While it is limited to 1 km in large cities. The 2600 MHz frequency band signal cannot reach 9 km without obstacles and 300 meters in urban areas. Your location is outside the coverage area.

As you move away from the location of the small cells, therefore, you receive less and less of the 4G signal. It is not necessarily a question of distance, but also of altitude. Some people who are higher or lower than the operator’s antenna may have a slower internet connection.

Your smartphone or receiver is low on power

Connection devices incorporate antennas that allow them to receive the 4G signal. Some brands and models equip their Smartphones with powerful receivers, for example. You can test the strength of the signal received by your mobile. Do not rely on the number of bars displayed. This remains most of the time unstable. Note that the further the transmitter is, the more the Smartphone or iPhone will increase the power of its own antenna, which will consume even more batteries.

On an Android Smartphone, it is possible to know if your mobile has good reception by going to “settings”, then “mobile network”. You will find useful statistics there. For an iPhone, it is much more complicated. To find out the real status of the mobile network, one must dial the number * 3001 # 12 345 # *. Then you press the called button.

Once done, hold your finger on the power off button until the iPhone prompts you to swipe the button. At this time, do not turn it off. Instead, long-press the Home button in the middle. The device will then show you its internet speed in decibels.

Criteria to Choose Your 4G network amplifier?

It is therefore important to choose your 4G amplifier carefully according to your cellular service provider. Operators such as O2, EE, Vodafone, Three, BT, Tesco, or Virgin for example prefer to use the 800 MHz and 1800 MHz, frequency bands. It is, therefore, important to buy an amplifier capable of handling two bands at once.

For improving the 2G and 4G signals buy an amplifier capable of amplifying the three bands 800, 900, and 1800 MHz. It is therefore practical for those who travel most often to opt for this solution. There are also amplifiers on the market that are compatible with any network regardless of the operators.

These are obviously more expensive and hard to find. These are called Universal Signal Booster. They work on all the frequency bands being used in the country by all the cellular service providers. They boost all types of signals for all cellular networks.

In addition, the installation of this device does not require any particular knowledge. Everything is already provided. To mount your amplifier and antenna, simply follow the instructions in the user guide to the letter. For unidirectional antennas, however, you will need an assistant. One will take care of the orientation of the antenna and the other will monitor the flow rate displayed by the 4g amplifier.

Where is LTE available?

LTE is the abbreviation for Long Term Evolution. This means that this transmission technology is not a fixed standard. On the contrary, LTE is in a permanent state of development. LTE is also known under the term 4G. 5G is the next level that will enable even faster data rates.

Unfortunately, LTE is only available in urban areas so far. Large cities such as London have very good LTE coverage. In the outer residential areas, the coverage is still quite good, but as soon as the customers of the mobile phone providers live in more rural areas, the signal strength also decreases in many cases.

The Internet, videos, music, and streaming services require ever faster connections, which sometimes cannot be achieved without a cell phone signal booster.

With a cell phone repeater for better cell phone reception

In principle, a cell phone repeater works like a W-LAN repeater. The device picks up the existing mobile phone signal and forwards it through an integrated amplifier. A weak signal with moderate reception can become a stronger signal with which you can make calls again without any problems.

Especially in border areas where the reception fluctuates, the mobile phone repeater can be used to increase the call quality again. For example, it can be placed in a location or area where reception is relatively good.

From there, it amplifies the signal in rooms or areas where telephoning would otherwise not be possible. A cell phone repeater is particularly suitable for companies in industrial areas, rural residential areas, or with large production areas. But private individuals can also use it to improve cell phone reception without changing their provider or even their place of residence.


Now you understand what is a 4G amplifier and how to use it to improve your 4G signals. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products if you are not happy with their performance. Also, we offer free and fast global shipping on all our products. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your 4G amplifier today and enjoy better and faster 4G signals.

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