how to fix voice signal issues on your mobile

How to Fix Voice Signal Issues on Your Mobile

You may hear or say something like below when you have Voice Signal Issues on Your Mobile.

“I have tried calling you so many times but it won’t connect!”

“I am unable to hear you, there’s some network error.”

“Your voice keeps going off, what’s happening?”

Have you faced similar issues with your network’s voice signals? We know it can be very annoying, especially when you are on a work call or some other important call. Losing voice signals frequently can happen due to various reasons. Your nearest cell tower might have many users connecting to it at the same time, causing an unstable network. Your home/office might be located near mountains or hills which can cause physical obstructions for the radio waves to reach you.

When you’re travelling, losing voice signals is a given. Continuously moving makes it harder for the signals to reach you. If you’re roaming, you’re under another carrier’s tower. They can weaken the network of users with another carrier which causes call dropping. In case it’s raining, you cannot expect much signal strength. Water blocks the radio signals from the cell tower to your device antenna.  But, you don’t have to worry since there is a solution to everything. Try these methods and see if they work out for you!

Fixing Voice Signal issues

  1. Keep your phone battery full. Low battery may send your device into power-saving mode, where the device will prioritize keeping your phone alive for as long as possible instead of connecting to a faster network.
  2. Restart your device to gear up the system process and clear any default errors.
  3. Change to 2G or 3G for a while. If you feel that your 4G LTE calls aren’t giving you that HD quality, there is traffic on that specific cell tower. Disabling LTE will give you better call quality.
  4. You can use a mobile application to check the signal strength in your area. See if your network operators like O2, Tesco, BT, or Vodafone are offering strong signal quality in that area.

Is there a better solution?

There is always a better solution to fix your voice signal issues. You must have heard of cell repeaters or mobile signal boosters. These are devices specifically created to boost your data and audio quality. They work for almost all major network operators in the UK for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. You can get rid of all your Voice signal problems at your home, office, or even while travelling. You just need to install a cell booster. Yes, it’s that simple!

Mobile Boosters UK has a wide range of mobile boosters which are Ofcom approved, hence legal, and have unmatched high-quality standards. You can opt to get a cell repeater that just focuses on enhancing the voice quality or get one that does both – improves data signal strength as well as voice quality. This depends on the types of network issues you face at your home or office.

To receive stable signals for voice calls while travelling, you can opt for a portable cell booster which ensures you get a stable network even when you’re on the go.

Where can I get a quality cell repeater in the UK?

  • Free delivery across all location in the UK
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Portable signal booster for boat/car
  • Five Bar signal strength
  • Works for every network and carrier

Mobile Boosters UK has been providing high-quality cell boosters to various users in the UK. You can check our website and find your best fit. We have a long list of premium mobile signal boosters that will improve your network connection drastically. You can add booster upgrades while checking out to enhance the signal booster’s performance.

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