how weak phone signal can spoil your outdoor activities

How Weak Phone Signal Can Spoil Your Outdoor Activities

Enjoying outdoor activities is not easy especially if you have a business that requires your attention 24/7. But if you have a cell phone that never loses signal, you can comfortably pack and head out for camping. Your employees can reach out to you on the phone at any time. Apart from hindering you from enjoying outdoor activities anytime, you wish to, a weak phone signal can spoil your adventure in many different ways. It can make you swear never to go on a picnic, camping, cycling, or any other outdoor activity.

Puts You at Risk

While it’s fun to go on a camp away from home, that doesn’t guarantee you 100% safety. You may need urgent help from friends and family, and with a weak phone signal, your life will be at risk.

Being physically away from your carrier’s tower and in the middle of a forest or desert, your chances of finding help are minimal. But with a signal booster, you can quickly call and get rescued within a short time.

There are many ways to boost mobile phone signal significantly, and you can be connected with the world regardless of your location.

Dropped Calls

Being in the woods can affect your cell phone’s signal. The trees, rocks, and valleys are geographical barriers that affect your signal. You try making calls and they get dropped.

That means you cannot communicate with family or colleagues. Also, they cannot reach you if they need to know about your well-being.

People who have gotten lost while hiking admits to having a bar of signal on their phone only by climbing up on a tree or going to a higher point, but still, it wasn’t strong enough to make a call.

Such a weak signal requires a booster so you can make calls comfortably. It helps to magnify the weak signal and allows you to talk to your loved ones comfortably.

A Sudden Change of Weather can Result in Weak Phone Signal

Some hiking and camping destinations always have beautiful weather for outdoor activities. But a sudden change of weather is inevitable.

In case of heavy, rain, wind, thunder, lightning, or snow, your cell phone signal is likely to be affected.

It is because calls are transmitted and received via electronic waves, which could not function properly due to sudden weather change.

Solution for Improving Weak Phone Signal

You have no control over bad weather and geographical barriers, but you can look for a way to improve your phone’s signal. A mobile signal booster changes everything whether you are at home or enjoying a picnic somewhere down in a valley.

Find out what works best for your area and mostly where you intend to visit.  The best mobile signal booster should be wireless and portable if you are an outdoor person who enjoys the thrills of nature.

Avoid boosters that have antennas when traveling because it means you have to be very careful with it.

There are modern versions with built-in antennas that make your movements comfortable while ensuring your phone has a signal all the time. Remember to have a charger with you because a low battery can cause a weak phone signal.

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