mistakes to avoid while buying a mobile signal repeater

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Mobile Signal Repeater

Installing a mobile signal repeater in your house, office, or studio is considered to be one of the best solutions to get rid of all the network problems. You may face an unstable network, slow internet connection, low-resolution video, or call dropping. All of this can be easily solved once you install a mobile signal repeater.

With the help of a mobile signal, the repeater can help you get a stable network and a fast internet connection anywhere, anytime. The mobile signal repeater is a small electronic device that works on the same frequency band as your mobile carrier.

The device is a one-time investment that can solve all your network issues. You may get confused while buying a mobile signal repeater since there are several repeaters to choose from. When you are going to buy a Mobile signal repeater, you need to take care of a few things. The following list is a few mistakes to avoid while buying a mobile signal repeater.

Top Mistakes to Avoid when Getting a Mobile Signal Repeater

When you make an investment, you want it to be long term so that you get the best return on your investment. So, you should certainly keep a few things in mind and avoid the mistakes listed below.

Not Measuring the Signal Strength

Before getting a mobile booster, it is essential that you measure the signal strength at your place. This is essential to get a mobile booster that works efficiently for you. The device works by catching the outside signals and boosting them for a stronger network. So, the quality of these increased signals largely depends on the type of signals available at your home. Thus, it’s crucial to get a mobile signal repeater depending on the signal strength of your area/place.

Let’s say you have a good signal strength at your house or office. The mobile signal repeater’s external antenna will easily attract network signals. If the signals are too weak, it would be difficult for the antenna to catch any signals. For such instances, you will have to get a powerful mobile signal repeater that can catch even the faintest signals from a longer distance. In case you have an average network, you can get the standard kit for the mobile signal repeater. Ensure to check your area’s network strength before getting a mobile signal repeater.

Choosing the Wrong Antenna Type

A mobile signal repeater comes with two different types of antennas. The external antenna is the one receiving the weaker signals while the internal antenna is responsible for releasing the increased signals in the area it intends to cover. There are different types of external and internal antennas available for you. You need to choose the right one so that the signal repeater works properly.

An Omni-directional external antenna will work for places where you get an average or a good network signal. This is suitable for most urban areas where there are cell towers in every direction to catch signals. In case you live in a rural area, a Yaggi antenna will work best for you. Most rural areas have a single cell tower. The antenna should be pointed in that direction to catch signals.

When it comes to internal antennas, a dome antenna will work best for a single-storied building. A Panel antenna will be apt for long hallways and multistoried buildings. Ensure that you choose the right internal and external antenna according to your area and requirement.

Not selecting the right Amplifier

Yes, there are different types of Amplifiers available. If all of this is getting too technical for you, contact the customer support team of Mobile Boosters UK to help you select the best Mobile signal repeater for your requirement. So, there are a few amplifiers specially designed for rural areas while others work to tackle network issues in the urban areas.

The key difference between both is related to their signal reception ability and broadcasting capacity. The amplifiers used for commercial purposes are also different than those used in a house. This means you need to choose the Amplifier carefully. Opting for the wrong Amplifier will have a negative impact on the functionality of the signal repeater. Once you install the signal repeater, you can either replace the amplifier or tune it to its existing elements to solve the reception issues.

Installing the Outside Antenna

The location where you’re going to fix the antennas play an important role. A signal repeater works efficiently on many aspects like the total number of users, signal strength, network provider, and type of antenna. Installing the outside antenna at the wrong location will degrade the signal repeater’s performance. It’s best to place it at a corner where you get the best reception or in the direction of the nearest cell tower. This will ensure that you get signals for a stable network connection.

Cable Issues

There are two ways in which you can purchase a mobile signal repeater. You can get a kit that has all the necessary components or assemble all the required parts differently. The latter is literally impossible. It’s best to purchase standard/powerful mobile signal repeater kits. In such a case, there won’t be any issue with the cable as you will get the cable as per the signal repeater. If you adamantly decide to assemble all parts on your own, you might face an issue with the cable. People often choose the wrong connection cable (wrong length, quality) which degrades the performance of the signal repeater.

Building Material

Before getting a signal repeater, it’s best to analyse the building material used in your building. You can take help from a professional to do this. This is essential because there are several materials used to build your house/office which affects the mobile signal reception. Sometimes, the building glass may also interrupt the cellular signals to enter into the building. To overcome all those problems caused by the building material you need to get the best mobile signal repeater.

Network Provider

This is one of the most important things to take care of. Note that every signal repeater is designed to work for certain mobile carriers. While some may work for O2 and Vodafone, it might not work for GiffGaff or Three. Besides, the network service (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) you’re availing of also matters. You can’t expect a signal repeater designed to work for 3G boost 4G signals. Check that the signal repeater you’re purchasing matches with the network carrier you have. Or you can choose the Universal Signal boosters that work for almost all major network providers.

Carrier Optimization

If you install the cell booster in your home or any other private property; where the number of users is less and use the same carrier, you can go for boosters that are designed to amplify a single carrier. For example, Mobile Booster for 4G Vodafone. A multi-carrier booster works when there are more users on different networks.

Placing the Internal Antenna

The placement of both internal and external antennas has to be done carefully. If you fix the internal antenna at the wrong location, it will directly impact the mobile signal repeater’s performance. The network strength in your area might not improve. The antennas are designed to perform different functions. Some are designed to broadcast network signals in a smaller area like a compact room whereas some are created to increase signals in a larger area like a tall building. Thus, it is important to identify the type of antenna and where would be the best spot for installing it. Remember to keep a safe distance between both the antennas.

Get your Mobile signal Repeater now!

We hope that this has helped you gain some clarity. When you go to purchase a Signal repeater, ensure that you avoid making such mistakes. It will help you make a wise decision and choose the best mobile signal repeater. Mobile Boosters UK offers you OFCOM certified and high-quality mobile signal repeaters. You can head to our website to check out the different types of Mobile Signal Repeaters available. Get the one that matches perfectly with what you’re looking for.

  • We offer free delivery across all locations in the UK. This is to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience.
  • With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you get all your money back within 30 days of making the purchase. This is helpful in case you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the signal repeater.
  • The kit includes an instruction manual to help you understand the installation process. It’s relatively simple and you will have the device installed in under fifteen minutes.
  • You can contact us for expert advice and we will help you select the best mobile signal repeater suitable for you.
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