how to solve bt mobile signal problems

How to Solve BT Mobile Signal Problems

Before we discuss how to solve BT Mobile Signal problems let’s have a look at BT and its history in the United Kingdom.

BT is the largest provider of consumer fixed-line voice and broadband services in the UK. It focuses on improving every aspect of the consumer experience. The company plays a major role in the economic, business, and community life of different regions in the UK. Offering one of the most stable networks, over 30 million of the UK population depends on it for network services.

Every network can fail due to some physical or technical obstructions. Signal problems can occur due to the construction materials used in your home or office; or any other destructive interference from the buildings around you. Cellular signals find it difficult to pass through metal or concrete within the walls of your home. This may cause weaker network strength. So, how do you solve BT mobile signal problems at your home/ office?

  • If you have an old model, you may be blocking the antenna by holding the phone too tightly. Ensure that you maintain a lighter grip.
  • Your phone shouldn’t be in power-saving mode. Go to Apps > Settings > Battery. Power saving mode can affect the signal strength of your device.
  • Check for corners in your house where the signal strength is strong and weak. It is possible that you are facing weaker network issues only in a certain corner of your house. Look at the bars since they are the most accurate representation of signal strength.
  • Turn your device off and switch it on again. If you have just inserted a new sim in a phone, the device won’t recognise it until it’s restarted.
  • Check if your current Sim card isn’t damaged. Replace if necessary. Remove and reinsert it again. Adjust your sim and insert it in the right slots.

Are you looking for a better solution?

These hacks may not necessarily give you the desired results. If you are looking for a better solution that is permanent and will give you a stable network, consider getting a BT mobile signal booster. You can enjoy a faster network anytime, anywhere. In case you’re wondering, a Mobile Signal booster is a device created to enhance the signal strength and offer you a faster network.

This device functions through three main components connected through a Coax cable. The Exterior Antenna catches the weaker signals in form of radio waves. These signals are received by the Amplifier which boosts the signals. The increased signals are released in the network through an Interior Antenna. There are different types of antennae including Omni-directional and Yagi depending on your requirement. You can always get the standard mobile booster kit for your home or office.

Is a Cell Booster worth your investment?

Mobile Boosters UK has high-quality Ofcom approved signal boosters that perform efficiently to offer you a faster internet connection and a stable network. Several users in the UK have installed the signal boosters at their homes and offices. People travelling on a work trip need a stable network. This is why they opt for Portable BT cell boosters which help them to get faster internet and stronger signals even while travelling.

Mobile boosters for BT ensures that you don’t face any network issue. You can enjoy a faster internet connection which will let you download and upload large files. The high uplink and downlink speed ensure that you don’t face call dropping. You will be able to see visuals in higher resolution and have improved audio quality.

The best part is that Mobile signal boosters don’t require a monthly payment fee. It’s a one-time investment where you can enjoy a stable network at your home or office. You can get a 3G mobile booster if you’re using a 3G BT network. The same goes for 4G as well as 5G. Purchasing a cell booster can be confusing since there are several sellers in the market. Not every cell booster is legal and works properly.

Mobile Boosters the UK has made the process easier for you. Skip the search part and head to our website now. We have several premium Mobile Signal boosters for BT which can help you solve all network issues immediately. Get your signal booster now.

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