how to fix 3g signal issues

How to Fix 3G Signal Issues

Facing weaker 3G signal issues and an unstable network is an issue that needs to be solved. It messes up with your work schedules, deadlines, and works from home atmosphere. You might be availing of network services from the best network providers like EE, O2, Vodafone but you still have 3G signal issues. So, how do you deal with it?

There are a few things that you can try initially in case you have an occasional weak network.

  1. Try rebooting your device to clean up system processes.
  2. Remove and reinsert your sim card in the right slot.
  3. Reset your network settings to default.
  4. Reset your APN protocol settings.
  5. Manually select your mobile network.
  6. Replace your sim card in case it is damaged.
  7. Turn the Airplane mode on/off.

We know that you might have already tried everything listed above but nothing really seemed to work. Let’s help you find a more permanent solution to fix 3G signal strength. It starts with finding out what’s causing the signal issues in the first place.

Why are you facing 3G signal issues?

  • The most common reason is the construction material used to build your house or building. 3G Mobile signals have a hard time passing through Metal or concrete. This counts as physical obstruction.
  • If you live in an area with hills and high mountains, there would be geographical reception barriers.
  • Certain equipment in your device like the network adapter might be damaged. Check for hardware damage as it might not be able to pick up signals.
  • It’s a possibility that several users are trying to connect to the same server, or your nearest cell tower is facing excess traffic which will degrade the network speed and quality.
  • Check for junk software on your device, or malware. This software ends up using your data for performing background activities that aren’t useful.

How to fix these 3G signal issues?

The best solution for you would be getting a 3G Mobile signal booster for your home or office. It is a device designed to enhance the network and give you a five-bar signal strength. There are various signal boosters available for almost every major network operator in the UK. Mobile Boosters has an exhaustive list of high-quality signal boosters that perform effectively. Check their website now!

Cell boosters catch the weaker signals in your network area and boost them to provide you with a more stable network. This is the permanent solution that you have been looking for. It will get rid of all your 3G signal issues and the best part is that it’s a one-time investment. You don’t have to pay any monthly maintenance fees. You will get a faster internet connection, better call quality, and a permanent end to issues like call dropping or video buffering.

Where can I install a signal booster?

You can install a signal booster device at your home or office, depending on where you face network issues. People often face problems and cannot complete their work due to a weaker network. Installing multiple mobile boosters on different floors of the office building works best.

Larger buildings require multiple mobile boosters. You can always get a signal booster that covers more area instead of multiple devices. If you’re installing the signal booster at your home, you need to install it at a corner or location which has the best signals.

Are you looking for a device that offers a stable network even while traveling? A portable 3G mobile signal booster will work best for you. You can install it on the roof of your car or boat and enjoy an uninterrupted signal strength. Mobile Boosters UK has a premium range of signal boosters just for you. Head to our website and get your signal booster now.

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