how to solve ee signal problem

How to Solve EE Signal Problem

EE is part of the BT group which runs in the UK for offering the fastest mobile network. It was the first to launch the 4G network in the UK in October 2012 and the 5G network in May 2019. The company takes pride in providing the best network and commendable services as their customers trust them with their digital lives. But, there are instances the best network operators fail at providing a stable network connection. Your internet may not work properly or the calls drop instantly that’s EE Signal Problem.

In case you’re wondering how to solve the EE signal problem, we might be able to help you with just the right tips. Here are a few hacks which you can try to get rid of the network problem. These are temporary solutions and will work only when you don’t face network problems regularly. Don’t worry we have a permanent solution that will offer you a stable network anytime, anywhere. Keep reading.

Map your home’s signals

You can casually walk around your home with your smartphone in hand. Keep checking for corners where you receive the best network signals and where you don’t. There may be specific locations in your home which affect the signal strength.

Ensure that your device is fully charged

If your battery is too low, your phone focuses on staying switched on affecting the system’s process. In case you still face a network problem with a full battery, you need to try out something else.

Switch to 2G

If you’re facing issues with your audio or call connectivity, switching to a 2G network for a while will solve the issue. It can boost the EE voice signals but will lower the data signals.

Remove and reinsert the sim

If your EE signal is not back at the track after rebooting, try this. Switch off your device. Remove the sim card. Don’t bend or scratch the sim card. Reinsert the sim and voila, you have a stronger signal!

Reset your network settings

This works 70% of the time where you might be facing a weaker signal strength. You need your network settings to go back to default. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Network settings reset.

What’s a better solution for EE Signal Problem?

We promised you a permanent solution for all your network issues. A Mobile Booster Signal is your best option to get a faster connection and a stable EE network. It is a device designed to tackle the network issues and specifically enhance the EE signals. You can check out different EE signal Boosters with Mobile Boosters UK.

Get an EE 3G cell booster if you’re using a 3G network. In the case of 4G LTE, get a 4G cell booster. You can get a mobile booster that works only for voice signals or data only. Search and find your perfect fit. Mobile Boosters UK provide you legal and Ofcom approved mobile boosters at such affordable prices. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, check out EE cell booster which is a one-time investment.

Get your EE Mobile Booster now!

Let’s put a stop to all your network issues permanently. Mobile Boosters are devices designed to provide you with a stable EE network anytime, anywhere. To find premium mobile boosters, head to our website. We have an extensive list of EE mobile signal boosters that work to provide you with the best network and five bar signal strength. So, what are you waiting for? Get your signal booster now.

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