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Q & A About Cell Phone Signal Repeater

The issue of a weak and intermittent cellular signal has a super easy and effective solution. You just need to get a cell phone signal repeater and it will make the signal as strong as if a cell tower was right behind your window. Unfortunately, not many people know about these devices and even fewer have any idea of how they work. We decided to shed some light on cellular signal amplifiers, so here are some popular questions about them along with the answers.

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Repeater Work

Cell phone boosters (you can also meet the terms amplifiers and repeaters) are devices that capture cellular signals from your network carrier, make them stronger, and broadcast them inside a building or vehicle. Three main parts constitute every signal booster: an external antenna, an internal antenna, and an amplifier. Some kits may feature mounts and extra internal antennas, especially if they are intended for improving reception in large buildings.

Are Cell Phone Signal Repeaters Safe?

Every mobile device gives off electromagnetic radiation. High levels of radiation may affect human health. The weaker the signal from a base station, the more intensely you device starts emitting in an attempt to pick up this signal. This happens because your phone begins to consume more power when trying to communicate with a transmitter.

Imagine that you would have to scream to be heard, it definitely requires more energy than whispering. However, if you have a stable and strong signal provided by a booster, your phone doesn’t have to exert itself, so electromagnetic radiation ends up at the lowest possible level.

A booster emits, too, but the combined radiation is significantly lower than that of an overstrained phone. Besides, unlike a phone, you don’t have to press a booster against your head. The bottom line is that cellular amplifiers are absolutely safe for your health.

If Cell Phone Repeaters are Safe, Why Are They Banned in Some Countries?

It is true that cell phone boosters may earn you a heavy fine in some countries. However, they are frowned upon not because they are dangerous but because they may cause malfunctions in wireless networks. Signals coming from a repeater may superimpose signals broadcasted by cell towers thereby creating interference.

Naturally, telecom companies do not want their networks to conk out, so they put forward the initiative to ban repeaters. Ironically, network carriers don’t mind rolling in it by selling “licensed” boosters, which feature little to no difference comparing with non-branded models (except for the price, of course).

Be that as it may, it is unlikely that your amplifier can cause any interference because its power is simply not enough for this (unless you use an ultra-powerful digital booster complemented with several external antennas). In any case, in most countries, amplifiers are either absolutely legal by default or they require formal permission from your network carrier.

How Far Can a Repeater Broadcast a Signal?

It all depends on the amplifier’s specs, especially its output power and dB gain. The higher these indicators, the more coverage a device can provide. External factors also play an important role. For example, a super weak initial signal will substantially shrink actual coverage. Supported frequencies and proper installation matter as well.

What Kind of a Cell Phone Signal Booster is Suitable for Me?

There are no ‘one-mode-fits-all’ signal boosters. You need to select a device based on your individual needs. The most important thing to take into account is the frequency your provider uses within its network. Clearly, a booster must be compatible with it.

Other aspects you have to consider are the number of users, carriers they are subscribed to, the type of terrain around your building, whether you need a booster for a building at all (there are models for vehicles, too), the quality of the initial signal, and coverage area.

Take all these factors into account and you’ll get a super-efficient, safe, and a breeze to use device.

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